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Blackboard Community

What is Blackboard Community?

Blackboard Community joins the resources from three academic support services: the Library, the Learning Centre, and the Centre for Educational and Information Technology (CEIT). Blackboard Community provides one-stop access to online courses and academic resources. Ask your instructor if Blackboard will be used in your course.

Blackboard is Douglas College’s learning management system. To put it another way, it’s our platform for online learning. It offers a set of features and tools, which enables you to engage with course content, submit assignments, participate in discussions, collaborate in groups, watch/listen to media, and much more.

To Get Started with Blackboard

  1. Check that your browser is compatible.
  2. Now, it’s time to log in. Here’s how: PDF | Video

For all other Blackboard instructions, go to Blackboard Community login page, then click on Student Resources in the top green horizontal menu.

Note: There are 3 tabs at the top left of the screen: General, How To, and Career Centre. Click each tab to view its contents. Here is a video guide to get started with Blackboard.

And, if you need help with Blackboard, contact helpdesk@douglascollege.ca. When asking your questions, remember to provide your name, student number, course name and term.

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