Our Mandate

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is a department that serves College administrators, program coordinators and department chairs. IE Responsibilities include:

  • Institutional Research and Planning (e.g., surveys, business intelligence/data analytics, program evaluation, program review support, and strategic planning)
  • Business Process Reviews & Project Management
  • Standard Operating Procedures

The Institutional Effectiveness Office is also involved in professional activities and external service. 

Our MissionTo provide accurate, timely, relevant, and actionable information and data to inform decision makers and support evidence-based decision making. 

This is done by:

  • The creation and deployment of data visualization/business intelligence tools that allow us to examine data from our student data set (Banner) and other data sources
  • Supporting the creation, deployment, and analysis of College-wide surveys and developing guiding principles to reduce survey fatigue and ensure high response rates
  • Supporting comprehensive program reviews by providing guidance, coordination and survey deployment
  • Supporting the analysis and restructuring of College-wide processes, facilitating project requirement gathering and project management of large enterprise-wide projects
  • Undertaking of relevant, complex projects of strategic benefit to the College within the scope of expertise of the office
  • Facilitates the development and revision of Standard Operating Procedures at the College