Business Management

A successful business manager requires a well-rounded set of skills to guide businesses and organizations of all sizes towards their strategic goals. The Business Management Department has a comprehensive set of courses to help you build the skills sets you need for careers in business management, human resources, operations management, entrepreneurship and small business management.

All the certificates and diplomas in the Business Management department are built around a set of core courses that introduce you to the major areas that make up a comprehensive business education.

By starting with these core courses you can determine the areas of most interest and relevance to you and then choose a program specialized in the area most suited to your needs and personal career plan.


Core Courses

These major areas include:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Law, Mathematics
  • Communications
  • Business Ethics


Gain Competitive Skills

In today’s business environment a business manager requires a solid grasp of the concepts and technical skills learned in Accounting, Mathematics, Law, Human Resources, Ethics, Operations and Marketing courses. A business education also requires the development of a comprehensive set of skills including: Writing, Oral Presentations, Decision Making, Case Problem Analysis, Mathematics and Quantitative skills, Teamwork, and effective Interpersonal Skills.


Best Instructors

Business management instructors are as diverse as your interests, with varied backgrounds in general business, financial services, retail, manufacturing, operations and commercial law. They have many years first-hand experience in the business sector and make their classes relevant to the real world of work. Learn more about our faculty members.

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Hands-On Experience

 Most business management classes include cases studies emphasizing the application of concepts and technical skills in the analysis of actual business situations and the development of realistic solutions to real-world problems.

Certain Business Management programs are eligible for the Co-operative Education Program. Put your skills to work with the Co-operative Education Program and gain paid, full-time work experience, and College credit.

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Student Success Story

Business Management student to put her (beauty) mark on the business world.

Student Success Story Falon Bottley

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Business programs share core courses with all other programs in the Faculty of Commerce and Business. If you develop a passion for another discipline you can switch to a different diploma program for your second year –such as Accounting Management, Financial Services, Marketing, Computing Science or Economics. If you like the direction you are headed you can continue to take courses in commerce and business in the following programs:

Certificates require 30 credits (10 courses) at Douglas College. The General Business Certificate requires 24 credits (8 courses) of business courses and 6 other Douglas College credits (2 courses) of which 3 credits (1 course) must be a Communications course. It is often pursued by mature working students who wish to upgrade their education and specific skills to prepare for advancement.

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Comprised of 8 of the BBA core business courses, 9 other courses from commerce and business and 3 electives. This diploma allows the student the most flexibility in choosing to develop a program personally suited to their needs whether it is focused or very general.

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Comprised of 10 of the BBA core business courses, 6 specified business courses and 6 electives from commerce and business. This diploma focuses on developing management skills in areas of General Management, Human Resources, Communication Skills, Operations, Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

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This diploma provides students with the skill set they need to succeed in the global business environment. Topics and courses covered include core business courses with an international emphasis, market entry strategies, finance, trade and international legal issues.

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Students can obtain a Concentration in Business Law designation in addition to their Douglas College BBA degree (whether in Accounting or in Financial Services) by completing the Introduction to Business Law course and at least 3 other qualifying Business Law courses.

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Skills Upgrading

If you are interested in taking accounting but need to upgrade your mathematics or English skills, visit the English Upgrading and Math Upgrading page.

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For information on admission requirements, courses, intake dates and more, visit the Program and Course Catalogue.
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