Please check the following information for answers to basic questions on transcripts, final grades and grade point average (GPA).

You can also contact Student Records for help with official transcripts, determining awarded transfer credits, enrolment verification, student records and other functions.


How do I order official transcripts?
Transcripts are ordered online. Start by logging into myAccount. Once you are logged in, go to the "Student Records" menu and choose "Request Official Transcript."

Payment for transcripts ordered online is by MasterCard or Visa only.

The cost for transcripts is currently $10 per copy.  

If you do not know your Douglas College student number or have forgotten your six-digit password contact Enrolment Services at 604-527-5478 for assistance.  You may also order your transcript in person. Payment will be accepted in cheque, money order, debit, Visa or MasterCard at time of request.

The cost is $25 per copy for same-day service.  Same day transcripts can only be ordered in-person by the student, not by a third party. NOTE: Same-day service will resume on September 7, 2021.  For information on availability see Office hours and Services

Can you e-mail my transcript to me or another institution?
No.  Official transcripts will not be e-mailed.

Can I email my transcript request?
Unfortunately a transcript cannot be requested by email, as we require your request to be made via myAccount. or in-person.

Can someone order/pick up my transcripts on my behalf?

Yes.  For pick-up the authorized designate must bring in a signed and completed Third Party Pick Up Form and follow the instructions as outlined on the form. 

An authorized designate may only pick-up a transcript that has already been ordered/requested by the student through myAccount.  If a designate arrives with a Third Party Pick Up Form, but the student has not actually ordered their transcript, the designate will be turned away.

How long does it take to process my request?
Transcripts are generally prepared within three to five business days from receipt of the request unless you request the transcript be prepared immediately at an additional cost (refer to same-day service request information).

When will my end of semester transcript be prepared?
End of semester transcripts are prepared after all the final grades for the semester are received, approximately one week after all final exams are complete.  NOTE: End of semester transcripts for Fall 2021 will be prepared in January 2022.  

How can I get a copy of my unofficial transcript?
You can access your unofficial student record online and print it.  Log into myAccount.  Once you have logged in, you can access your official transcript under the "Student Records" menu.

Can you fax my transcript to another institution?
No, we do not fax transcripts to other institutions as faxed copies are not official documents.

How long will you hold my transcript order for me to pickup?
Transcripts that are ordered for on-campus pickup will be held for 3 months.  Any transcripts not picked up after 3 months from when they were ordered will be securely disposed of.  Students will need to re-order and pay for another transcript if their original order is not picked up within the 3 month window.

Transfer credit

Why do I have to submit a request for transfer credit?
You must apply for transfer credit if you wish to:

  • enrol in a course that has a prerequisite that you have completed at another post-secondary institution
  • use transfer credit for graduation purposes (associate degree, diploma, certificate or citation)

The following documents are also required:

  • for B.C. post-secondary institutions: official transcripts
  • for out-of-B.C. post-secondary institutions: official transcripts and detailed course outlines for the year the course was attended. For further information, please refer to the "submitting detailed course outlines" information sheet.
  • for out-of-Canada post-secondary institutions: originals of foreign transcripts and official detailed course outlines for the year the course was attended must be submitted with official English translations. For further information, please refer to the "submitting detailed course outlines" information sheet.

How long does it take to process my request for transfer credit?
Requests for transfer credit take eight weeks to process from the date that all required documentation is submitted. Requests and supporting documents must be received at least three months before the beginning of the semester in which you wish to enrol to ensure that any prerequisites you require for registration are on your computer file.

For transfer credit request submission deadlines please refer to Dates and Deadlines in the College Calendar.

Requests with outlines should be submitted prior to these deadlines as evaluations may take longer.

Please note: Not all courses have been reviewed for transfer credit to Douglas College. You may be requested to submit further information (i.e. detailed course outlines). Submitting outlines does not guarantee that credit will be granted.

Final grades and GPA calculation

When and where can I view my final grades?
Final grades are recorded on your student record every evening after your instructor submits the final grades to the Registrar's Office. You can view your final grades by logging into myAccount.

Why hasn't my final GPA been calculated?
GPA calculations do not occur every night, therefore it may be a few days before your GPA has been updated to reflect your new grades.

How do I calculate my GPA?
See Student Success Advising for information on calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA).

Are my transfer credits included in my Douglas College GPA?
No, transfer credits are recorded separately on your student record and are not included in your Douglas College GPA calculation.