Weight Training course

Workout equipment in Douglas College gym

This in-class course is designed to provide practical teaching skills required to design basic programs for yourself and others. Some personal weight training experience is recommended.

Course overview

Course overview

This introductory course is designed to prepare students for weight training instruction for both individuals and groups. Students will be taught client screening strategies, needs assessment, recognizing functional deficiencies and their associated corrective techniques, age and client appropriate training modalities, among many other techniques and strategies.
Students are exposed to a variety of training programs throughout the term. Aside from training, this course prepares students on how to become instructors in weight training, how to design programs and how to monitor, assist in, and supervise a weight room. The course prepares students to write the BCRPA Weight Training Instructor Exam and prepares them for the Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE). Upon successful completion of the exam and ICE, students are granted a Weight Training Instructor Certificate. 

Course requirements

Course requirements


  • Registered as a Fitness Leader with the BCRPA
  • Fitness Theory Course Completion (proof required) 
  • Completed and passed (80%) BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam (proof required)
  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • 1-year Fitness Registration with the BCRPA (not included in course fees)

Textbook from the Fitness Theory Course is used for this course. For those joining the program at this level, students are required to purchase the course textbook (not included in course fees). Please visit the Douglas College New Westminster Book Store prior to the course starting. For more information please contact the Program Coordinator at sportsinstitute@douglascollege.ca.

Supplemental textbook, Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training (ISBN 007 147 5338) may also be purchased by the student on their own but is not required.

Come dressed in fitness wear for the first class.



The cost of the in-person Weight Training course is $484.

All program/course fees are subject to change.

Intakes & Schedule

Intakes & Schedule

November 2023 intake

Term: 202411 
Start date: Wed, February 28, 2023
End date: Mon, March 18, 2023 
Weight Training Course (CRN 11042):

  • Tue, January 9 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Thur, January 11 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, January 13 (12–2pm)
  • Tue, January 16 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Thur, January 18 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Tue, January 23 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Thur, January 25 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, January 27 (9am–3pm)
  • Tue, January 30 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Thur, February 1 (6:30–9:30pm)

Weight Training Instructor Competency Evaluations (CRN 11043):

  • Sat, January 13 (9am–12pm)
  • Sat, February 3 (9am–4pm)
  • Tue, February 6 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Thur, February 8 (6:30–9:30pm)

Personal Training Practicum (CRN 11044)

  • Thur, February 22 (6–10pm)
  • Sat, February 24 (9am–3pm)
  • Thur, February 29 (6–10pm)
  • Sat, March 2 (9am–3pm)

January 2024 intake

Term: 202411 
Start date: Wed, February 28, 2024 
End date: Mon, March 18, 2024 
Weight Training Course (CRN 11110):

  • Wed, February 28 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, March 2 (12–2pm)
  • Mon, March 4 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Wed, March 6 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, March 9 (9am–3pm)
  • Mon, March 11 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Wed, March 13 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, March 16 (9am–3pm)
  • Mon, March 18 (6:30–9:30pm)

Weight Training Instructor Competency Evaluations (CRN 11111)

  • Sat, March 2 (9am–12pm)
  • Mon, March 25 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Wed, March 27 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, March 30 (9am–4pm)

Personal Training Practicum (CRN 21031):

  • Wed, April 17 (6–10pm)
  • Sat, April 20 (9am–3pm)
  • Wed, April 24 (6–10pm)
  • Sat, April 27 (9am–3pm)

March 2024 intake

Term: 202421 
Start date: Wed, April 17, 2024 
End date: Mon, May 6, 2024 
Weight Training Course (CRN 21038):

  • Wed, April 17 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, April 20 (12–2pm)
  • Mon, April 22 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Wed, April 24 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, April 27 (9am–3pm)
  • Mon, April 29 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Wed, May 1 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, May 4 (9am–3pm)
  • Mon, May 6 (6:30–9:30pm)

Weight Training Instructor Competency Evaluations (CRN 21039):

  • Sat, April 20 (9am–12pm)
  • Mon, May 13 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Wed, May 15 (6:30–9:30pm)
  • Sat, May 18 (9am–4pm)

Personal Training Practicum (CRN 21040):

  • Wed, Jun 5 (6–10pm)
  • Sat, June 8 (9am–3pm)
  • Wed, June 12 (6–10pm)
  • Sat, June 15 (9am–3pm)

Registration options

By phone 
604 527 5472 (view office hours)

By email:

  • Complete the registration form and submit it to cereg@douglascollege.ca via email. Specify the CRNs and the term of the intake you would like to register for in the form. CRNs can be found in the Intakes & Schedule tab. Ensure to enter all the specified CRNs for your chosen intake in the form.
  • Once you submit a completed registration form to cereg@douglascollege.ca via email, one of our Registration Officers will reply to your email in a timely manner and provide further instructions on payment options. Please note: due to the number of email registrations being processed, there may be a delay in receiving an email from a Registration Officer.

Once registration is complete, an email with instructions will be sent to you on how to make your payment. Please follow the instructions in that email to make your payment for the Weight Training Module ($484, subject to change). Please note: students are required to make their payment within 24 hours to complete their registration once they receive their instructions email from one of our Registration Officers.

Students will only receive a payment confirmation email receipt once payment is received. Registration is not complete until payment is received by Douglas College.

Contact us

Registration: email Continuing Education

Sports Institute Office: email Sports Institute