Student Safety Tips

1.  Know your Campus Security numbers and save them in your phone:

Coquitlam:  604-777-6254  New Westminster:  604-527-5405 Anvil Centre:  604-777-6666 Call Campus Security 24/7 in the event of an emergency.  If you call 911, please also call Campus Security to notify them of the emergency on campus. 

2.2.  Know your closest emergency exits and assembly areas. Evacuation maps are posted in classrooms and near stairwells and elevators. Familiarize yourself with more than one way in/out of the building.

3.3.  Sign up for Emergency Notifications. Subscribe to DC Alerts to receive important notifications regarding emergencies on campus and advisories regarding campus closures (for example, due to heavy snowfall).

4.4.  Know the College’s Emergency Procedures. Review all Emergency Procedures, including the College’s Lockdown Procedure.

5.5.  Report all safety hazards and incidents to Campus Security, including behaviours of concern.

6.6.  Use the College’s SaferWalk service. You can receive a security escort to the local SkyTrain station or to your vehicle in a campus parking lot/parkade by requesting it from Security. Find instructions here.

7.7.  If you need First Aid, go to or call Campus Security.

8.8.  If you need someone to talk to, please contact the College’s Confidential Counselling Services. Coquitlam:  604-777-6185 New Westminster:  604-527-5486