College Board Nominations

Election Information

Faculty, students, and support staff may not hold an elected position on both the College Board and Education Council concurrently.

Each candidate is required to act reasonably, responsibly and in good faith; and shall be required to ensure they are aware of and comply with, all rules, policies and procedures of the College. To ensure fairness, integrity, and professionalism, candidates will conduct themselves in accordance with all relevant College and representative group policies, and shall abide by all election and campaign regulations, rules and/or guidelines established by the Registrar. Once elected to the College Board, representatives are expected to act in the best interests of the College.

Election Timeline

Nomination Period

November 24, 2021 to December 7, 2021 (4:00 pm)

Voting & Campaign Period

December 9, 2021 to December 15, 2021

Note: campaigning may commence once the Registrar has received and approved a nomination form. Candidates will be advised of this when contacted to confirm nomination form.

Inquiries regarding this College Board election should be directed to the Registrar, Rella Ng at or to Office Manager, Christine Carrillo at

2021 By-Election

A by-election is being conducted to fill the following position on the College Board. 


According to the College and Institute Act, a student is defined as "a person the Registrar recognizes to be enrolled and in good standing in a course or program of studies at the institution". For the purposes of elections, a student is an individual who is enrolled in at least one credit course and in good standing at the institution.

  • One (1) student representative will be elected from the students at large​​​​​​
  • Term of office commences January 1, 2022 and ends August 31, 2022
    • During the term of office, a student representative of the College Board must:
      • Maintain registration in at least one credit course at the College for at least two (2) semesters of the term of office.
      • Not withdraw or be required to withdraw from the College.

Nomination Instructions:

  • Read the Elections Rules and Procedures
  • Complete the nomination form  
  • Each nominee must be supported by fifteen (15) currently registered credit students:
    • nominee must submit fifteen (15) separate form (one from each student nominator)
  • Election Platform Statement
    • Each nominee is required to supply a brief platform statement of no more than 250 words which will be posted on the College Board Election website
  • Completed nomination forms and platform statement must be submitted in one email to no later than 4:00 PM Tuesday, December 7, 2021 with subject header marked:
    • Attn: Registrar – College Board Student By-Election

College Board Student By-Election Nomination Form