Health Sciences Simulation Centre (HSSC)

Douglas College Health Care programs use well equipped laboratories to support student learning.

    HSSC Use

    The HSSC is heavily used throughout the year. A variety of health care and community support education programs use the centre. These programs include:

    • Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (BSPN);
    • Classroom and Community Support Worker (CCS);
    • Health Care Support Worker (HSCW);
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) ;
    • Continuing Education (CE) courses.

    It is important for all students and faculty using the centre to take responsibility for submitting detailed equipment requisitions on time and ensuring that instructional/practice/simulation areas are tidied after use.

    HSSC Goals

    HSSC goals are to:

    1. Promote excellence in performance of psychomotor skills in related field of practice.
    2. Support a variety of teaching methodologies that enhance student learning and success.
    3. Create a safe student-centered learning environment that provides students opportunities and resources to learn and practice psychomotor skills.
    4. Ensure resources are current, safe and adequate in number.
    5. Create a learning environment that fosters development of assessment, communication, psychomotor, critical and creative thinking, inquiry, and problem solving skills in relation to a variety of simulation activities.
    6. Provide resources that help students attain program competencies and standards.
    7. Support applied simulation research internal and external to the college.

    Contact Information

    Health Sciences Simulation Centre


    Tel: 604-777-6496

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