Health Sciences Simulation Centre (HSSC)

Douglas College Health Sciences programs use state of the art laboratory settings and simulation-based approaches to support innovative learning practices.

HSSC Programs

The HSSC is utilized throughout the year by our Health Sciences programs: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (BSPN);
  • Healthcare Assistant (HCA);
  • Community Mental Health Worker (CMHW);
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) ;
  • Continuing Education (CE).

HSSC Goals

HSSC goals are to:

  1. Promote excellence in experiential learning in Health Sciences programs.
  2. Support diverse teaching methodologies to enhance student learning and success.
  3. Create a safe, student-centered learning environment that provides students with opportunities and resources to learn and practice their skills.
  4. Ensure we have ample and current resources to help students attain program competencies and standards.
  5. Create an environment that fosters communication, critical and creative thinking, inquiry, and problem solving skills related to experiential learning activities.
  6. Support applied simulation research internal and external to the college.

Use of the HSSC

It is important for everyone who uses the HSSC (faculty, students, staff, internal and external groups) to be accountable for: 

  • ensuring that instructional/practice/simulation areas are tidied after use;
  • taking care of the equipment;
  • not bringing food or drink into any areas within the HSSC; and,
  • treating everyone with respect.

Contacting the HSSC Team

Simulation Technicians

Health Sciences Simulation Centre

Faculty of Health Sciences

Coquitlam Campus, C2017

Phone: 604-777-6496


Manager, Experiential Learning Operations

Dr. Tamara Thompson

Health Sciences Simulation Centre

Faculty of Health Sciences

Coquitlam Campus

Phone: 604-777-6491




Please note that the Open Practice rooms will NOT be available for booking on the following dates for Fall 2022:
Oct 6 9am-12pm
Oct 7 9am-12pm
Oct 14 9am-12pm
Oct 21 9am-12pm
Oct 24 9am-12pm
Oct 28 9am-12pm
Oct 31 9am-12pm
Nov 4 9am-12pm
Nov 7 9am-12pm
Nov 14 9am-12pm
Nov 18 9am-12pm
Nov 21 9am-12pm
Nov 25 9am-12pm
Nov 28 9am-12pm

Submit a Requisition for Open Practice

To submit a requisition for Open Practice room use, please complete one of the forms below, depending on your program:

BSN/BSPN Student Requisition

HCSW/CCSD Student Requisition

Equipment Use in Open Practice Rooms

Please note that equipment requested for open practice labs may not be available at the time of your open practice if the equipment is needed for a classroom lab. Equipment will always need to be prioritized if all labs are running at once. Thank you for your understanding.