Financial aid FAQ

Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships 

Visit Douglas College Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships administered by Douglas College to find out about eligibility criteria and deadlines.

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are graduating from a high school in Metro Vancouver.
  • Are entering Douglas College in the Fall semester.
  • Have a minimum 3.5 GPA (scholarship) or 3.0 GPA (award).

Visit Entrance Awards and Scholarships for more information regarding the entrance awards and  scholarships.

Visit Douglas College Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships for listings of the funds available.

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are graduating from Douglas College
  • Have achieved a record of academic excellence

Visit graduation awards and graduation scholarships for listings of the awards and scholarships available.

Apply online within the dates listed below:

  • Feb. 1 – Apr. 1 

Swing by External Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships for more financial assistance outside Douglas College.

Check in your local community, credit unions, businesses, organizations, and agencies for possible sources of funds.


Student Loans and Grants

Visit Financial Tools for tools to plan your funding for education.


  • Investigate funding options and try to minimize your borrowing.
  • Plan your finances now to avoid stress and uncertainty while you are a student.
  • Live simply and inexpensive so that you can look forward to graduating without a huge debt.



  • Interest-free while the student is enrolled in full-time* post-secondary-level studies.
  • Repayment starts six months after leaving full-time study.  


  • Special grants are available for students with dependants and students with disabilities and for students from low- or middle-income families.
  • Considered taxable income.
  • Not repayable unless you withdraw early or your financial need changes.


* Enrolled in minimum 60% course load (9 credits) or 40% course load (6 credits) for students with an approved permanent disability status with StudentAid BC.

The loans and grants process page has all the information you'll need on how to apply for full-time and part-time student funding.

BC students can apply through StudentAid BC and out of province students may need to apply through their home province. 



Visit MANAGE Your Loan for information on how to stay in touch with your student loan provider and maintain proof of your ongoing studies.

Visit REPAY Your Loan for information on repayment of student loans. 


  • Register in at least 9 credits of post-secondary level courses. 
    • Not eligible for a student loan:
      • Upgrading courses such as ENGU/ELLA and MATU.
      • Courses that start with a zero (e.g., HUMD 0130). 
      • Repeating courses that you have passed with a grade of "P" or higher. (Unless approved repeat course appeal by SABC)
      • Courses that you are auditing.
      • PLAR students.
  • Ensure your program is correct and that it matches on the Douglas College registration system (check myAccount) and your student loan application. 
    • If your program on the student record system does not match the program on your student loan application, your funding will be delayed.

Full-time Student Loan Funding

Apply early to receive your funding by the start of the semester. The application deadline is six weeks before the end of the semester and check out dates and deadlines

Part-time funding - Apply early as processing time is six to eight weeks. The application deadline is six weeks before the end of the semester and check out dates and deadlines.

Adult Upgrading Grant

Apply by the deadline in order to have your application processed before the fee payment deadline and note that funding is limited. 

If you apply after the fee payment deadline, you will need to pay your fees in full in order to avoid being de-registered from all courses and removed from all waitlists. You will receive a refund for the eligible courses if you qualify for funding.

As long as you have applied for Financial Aid the fee deferral will apply to your account.

If you are out of province you will go through a different process. Contact your SSA for more information. 

If you have been approved for a student loan or grant funding through another province or territory, you can apply for a fee deferral

Normal fee payment deadlines will apply to students who have not submitted completed fee deferral forms for fee payment. If these deadlines are not met, students will be de-registered from all classes and removed from all waitlists.

NOTE: If you submit a fee deferral and decide not to attend one or more of your courses, or if you are disqualified at any time after the fee payment deadline, you are responsible for dropping your courses. Penalties will be assessed as though fees were paid by cash. 

See the dates and deadlines for current deadline dates.

Adult Upgrading Grant funding is available for the following programs and courses:

  • 3rd and 4th level English and Mathematics Upgrading (ENGU and MATU)
  • 2nd and 3rd level English Language Learning and Acquisition (ELLA)
  • Basic Occupational Education (BOCE)
  • Career and Employment Preparation (CAEP)
  • Customer Service and Cashier Training (CSCT)

Apply early in order to have your application processed before the fee payment deadline

  • If you apply after that date, you will need to pay your fees yourself. You will receive a refund for eligible courses if you qualify for funding.

Funding is available for part-time students enrolled in eligible programs. Programs must be offered full time and designated for student loan funding to be eligible. 

Students must be enrolled in 3 to 8.5 credits in order to apply for the part-time student loan and grant funding. The Part-time studies application only covers educational costs such as tuition, books, transportation and unsubsidized child care costs.

Processing time: Approximately six to eight weeks. Apply early! See the Dates and deadlines page for current deadline dates.

Application process: Email the form to enrolmentservices@douglascollege.caWe will check it for completeness and forward your application for processing to StudentAid BC. You will be notified by letter of your eligibility by StudentAid BC.

One application is used for the following programs:

  • Canada student grant for part-time students
  • Canada student grant for students with permanent disabilities
  • Supplemental bursary for students with disabilities
  • Canada student loan for part-time students
  • Canada student grant for part-time students with dependants

Funding: If approved, you will be required to complete your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement which will be sent to you via email approximately 2 weeks after submitting your loan application.

Who qualifies: If you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or convention refugee whose income is low and are registered part time in an eligible program, you may qualify if you meet all other eligibility requirements.

You may submit an appeal request to repeat your course when you have passed a course but did not obtain the grade required to proceed to the next level in your program of post-secondary study.

Find more information here:

For repayment of an overaward: 


Qualifying for funding while enrolled at two or more eligible schools, is called "Split Enrolment." 

See information from StudentAid BC

Contact your Student Success Advisor (SSA) for further information. 

If Douglas, is not your home school (where you will graduate from), then please also contact the Financial Aid Office at your home school. 

To continue receiving financial aid, the Canada Student Financial Assistance Act, Canada Student Financial Assistance Program policy and StudentAid BC policy require you to maintain a satisfactory scholastic standing

More about this:   

Study period dates are different from the class start and end dates. To ensure you are accurately funded, find study dates and program codes for each semester on the  Program Cost page


Other Funding Options

The Adult Upgrading Grant helps students based on financial need who are enrolled in upgrading courses and special education programs:

  • Basic Occupational Education (BOCE)
  • Career and Employment Preparation (CAEP)
  • Customer Service and Cashier Training (CSCT)
  • 3rd and 4th level English and Mathematics Upgrading (ENGU and MATU)
  • 2nd and 3rd level English Language Learning and Acquisition (ELLA)

Apply early as funds are limited and by the end of late registration.

Email Student Success Advising to talk to a Student Success Advisor to discuss available options.

  • Visit your banking institution to apply for a private student loan or line of credit. A co-signer may be required and interest is charged while you are in school.
  • Browse Employment and Social Development Canada for sponsorship or training assistance if you:
    • Are an unemployed person in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits,
    • Or have received benefits in the last three years,
    • Or have started a maternity or parental EI claim within the last five years
  • Talk to the Aboriginal Coordinator at 604-527-5565 for information on band funding if you are a First Nation student and check out Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada for scholarships, bursaries, and awards.

Tuition for Former Youth in Care will be waived for B.C. students who are between 19-26 years of age (inclusive) attending a B.C. public post-secondary institution who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the application form below.  This program is open to students pursuing programs that lead to a certificate, diploma, or undergraduate degree.  Students enrolled in graduate programs or post-graduate courses are not eligible. Students registering in Continuing Education courses are also eligible.

Students who wish to be considered for the waiver while studying at Douglas College must complete the Provincial Tuition Waiver Application and return it to the Financial Aid Office at either the Coquitlam or New Westminster Campus.

For more information, check out BC Government.