PSYC 2300 Readiness assessment

Please be advised that Douglas College is temporarily suspending face-to-face student services. The PSYC 2300 Readiness assessment is currently offered online via Blackboard using the Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor using your personal computer and web camera.

Please note that Blackboard no longer supports Internet Explorer but use of Chrome or Firefox.

Summer 2020

The PSYC 2300 Readiness assessment is available on Douglas College Blackboard for you to take at your convenience until August 19, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

To Book your test, visit the How to Book an Assessment page.

We strongly advise that if you need this for course pre-requisites, you should write your test before priority registration starts on June 23, 2020 so that you do not risk classes filling before you have written your assessment. The test offer will expire as of 11:59 pm on August 19, 2020, when this semester ends, whether you have completed it or not. You have the choice of when you take it, within the above parameters.

Who should write 

Students who want to register in Psychology 2300 (PSYC 2300) who do not have one of the following exemptions listed below.


Exemption from the assessment is possible by completion of/providing official transcript of one of the following:

  • B.C. Foundations of Math 11 OR B.C. Principles of Math 11 with “C” grade or higher
  • MATU 0410 (formerly DVST 0410) course with “C+” grade or higher
  • MATU 0411 (formerly DVST 0411) course with “C” grade or higher
  • MATH 1101 with “C” grade or higher
  • BUSN 1330 with grade of “C+” or higher
  • BUSN 2429 with grade of “C+” or higher

What it tests

The assessment consists of questions drawn from the following topics:

  • Solving equations
  • Simplifying expressions
  • Using exponents
  • Evaluating expressions
  • Factoring
  • Finding the equation of a line
  • Proportions
  • Inequalities
  • Charts and graphs

Preparation for the assessment

Any introductory or intermediate algebra textbook from a local library would provide a review of math at this level.

Format of the assessment

This Assessment is a 27 question multiple-choice test which takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Assessment results

The invigilator will give you your test results the same day as the exam, once the exam is completed and marked.  The test results go directly on the computerized student record system but you should keep your copy of the test results.

Assessments completed via Blackboard will normally have results emailed to you and entered onto your student record 72 (business) hours after completion.

What to bring to the assessment

Please bring your student number, photo identification, and a pen or pencil.  No calculators are allowed.  The invigilator will provide scratch paper which will be collected when you complete the assessment.

Testing policy

You will pass with a score of 18 or higher. If you score 16 or 17 you will be permitted to re-write within 2 months. If you score from 10-17 you can register into MATU 0410. If you score 10 or less will be required to write the MATU assessment for placement. If you score 10 or less you will be permitted to rewrite the assessment again after 1 year.

Students may take an assessment test for admission to courses and/or programs a maximum of two times within a two year period.  Students who believe extenuating circumstances exist may contact the Registrar to request special consideration or exemption to this policy.

Ready to book?

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