Become a Mentee

Become a Mentee

Looking to build relationships and have someone to talk to about your transition to Douglas College? Sign up to find your mentor! 

Registration for Summer 2023 now CLOSED!


Mentee Eligibility/Requirements

  • If you are a new international student in your first semester and registered in at least one academic course, you are eligible to register for the program.
  • Participate in program events 
  • Communicate with your Mentor on a regular basis
  • Use Microsoft Teams to stay updated on the program
  • Respond to feedback requests

Mentee Benefits

  • Build relationships with other students 

    • Starting a new program at post-secondary can be a scary process, but you are not alone! Students that have been in your shoes are here to help guide you through your first semester. This program also hosts events that will give you the opportunity to network with hundreds of other students. 

  • Get to know Douglas faster and stay up to date 

    • Douglas College has a wide variety of services available to you to help in your journey. Your mentor is not a tutor, counsellor, or instructor, but will be able to refer you to the appropriate services when you have questions or concerns and keep you up to date on events and activities happening around the college. 

Important Dates for the Summer 2023 Program (Mentees): 

* Dates are tentative

April 17

Registration opens for mentees.

May 8 

Matching begins for the program.

May 19

Last day to sign-up


Final celebration.

August 9

Last day of the program.


More events to come! Stay tuned.