Application to Graduate

Applications for February 2021 Graduation are now being accepted.  Students can apply to graduate by completing this online Application to Graduate.

Applications received after September 25th will be charged a $25 late fee. 


The final deadline to apply is December 11th 2020. Applications submitted after the final deadline will be moved to June 2021 Graduation. 


Important information about applying to graduate

Students who are currently enrolled in courses that are needed to meet graduation requirements must verify successful completion of those courses before being eligible to graduate.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all credential requirements are met.

Supporting documentation required for your program (i.e. First Aid Certificate, course waiver) must be submitted to  by no later than December 11th 2020.

A separate application form must be submitted for each credential. A second credential may be awarded provided that students complete 50% additional course work. See Credentials Awarded at Douglas College Policy.


Your Credential

Credentials are conferred at the Graduation Ceremonies and will not be available prior to the scheduled ceremony dates. Your legal name will be printed on your credential.   Parchments will not be released if fees or fines are owed to the College.



At this time, the February 2021 Graduation Ceremonies are not confirmed. Updates will be made as soon as information is available.