U-Pass BC on Compass Card

We are pleased to announce that Douglas College and the Douglas Students’ Union are resuming the U-Pass BC program starting September 1, after working with TransLink, the other participating post-secondary institutions and student associations, and with continued support from the Province of BC.  Students who are registered in on-campus classes, co-op or practicum placements that are a minimum of three credits will continue to be eligible for a U-Pass BC and will be charged the U-Pass BC fee. This means that the majority of students, who are taking online classes only, will not be eligible for a U-Pass BC and will not be charged.

PLEASE NOTE – TransLink’s U-Pass BC website remains unavailable.  Students who used their U-Pass BC in December 2020 will automatically receive a U-Pass BC for January 2021. No further action is necessary.

New students eligible for a January U-Pass BC, please request your U-Pass BC by contacting Compass online: https://www.compasscard.ca/ContactUs (providing your Compass card # and last 4-digits of your student ID), or by phone: 604-398-2042. 

Loading your U-Pass BC: Infographic instructions

Translink has provided an infographic showing the steps to load your U-Pass BC on Compass Card, including information on where to get a Compass Card.

For information on the U-Pass BC Program and Compass Card go to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' linked from this page. 

Additional Information

  • Get your student ID card if you don't already have one. You must travel on transit with your Douglas Student ID card and U-Pass BC on Compass Card. Important, your U-Pass BC on Compass Card is not transferable.
  • Go to the Translink student website, choose Douglas College from the drop-down list, and log in with your College Network Access (the same as what you use for the College computers and WiFi - your student ID number and password).
  • Link your Compass Card.
  • View your eligibility and request your U-Pass BC. Please note: Your fees must be paid in full OR you must have submitted a fee deferral before your eligibility is given to Translink.    
  • Sign up for monthly Notifications from Translink to remind you to load the next months U-Pass BC.
  • Allow up to 24 hours for your U-Pass BC to load.
  • Start tapping in and out with your U-Pass BC on Compass Card on transit! 

If you are having problems logging in, try resetting your password or contact the CEIT Service Desk at 604-527-5330.