Audio Engineering

The Audio Engineering series is currently offered as part-time non-credentialed training (spring/summer) through Continuing Education.

Audio Engineering 1 | CRN 21623

Topics Covered: Pro Tools:  Fundamentals of Audio Theory, Editing Audio and Mixing (Equalization, Compression, Reverb, Mixing, Automation) Midi, Sound Synthesis and Sampling, Third Party Plug ins. 

Prerequisite: Previous experience is not necessary. 

Dates & Location for Summer 2023

Wednesdays, 5:30-9:30

May 3rd - 31st

Fee: $550.00

Audio Engineering 2 | CRN 21432

Topics Covered: Pro Tools: Recording, Microphone selection and placement for instruments and voice, Signal routing and operation of (SSL) Console, hardware processors and outboard.

Prerequisite: Audio Engineering 1 

Dates & Location for Summer 2023

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-8:00

July 15th and 16th

Instructor: Adam Fulton

Fee: $550.00

Audio Engineering 3 | CRN 21541 [CANCELLED]

Topics Covered: Pro Tools: Advanced Editing, Post Production and Mastering

Prerequisite: Audio Engineering 1 & 2

Dates & Location for Summer 2023

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-8:00

August 12th and 13th

Instructor: Adam Fulton

Fee: $550.00

To Register: 

Registration is available Online or by contacting the Registrar’s Office at 604 527 5472. Please tell the Registrar’s Office that you are registering for a non-credit course through the Community Music School.  

To register, you will need your Douglas College student number and the CRN for the course.



Course dates for 2024 are still to be determined, but plans are to run the series again in Spring/Summer (May-August).

Please check this page for course updates in March/April 2024 and email if you have other questions.

In these three sequential courses, students learn how to set-up and operate recording equipment and audio software. Instruction will focus on the components in the audio chain including microphones, cables and connectors, consoles, equalizers, compressors, amplifiers, speakers and more. Some of the concepts covered are: gain structure in audio systems; psycho-acoustics and the human ear; room acoustics and the principles of sound including, amplitude, frequency, harmonic content, wavelength, envelope, velocity and phase.

Throughout the courses students gain hands-on experience, learning the basics of recording and engineering in a digital multi-track studio with industry standard recording equipment and techniques that include: microphone selection and placement for instruments and voice; as well as signal routing and operation of analog and digital consoles, hardware processors and software plug-ins. Professional gear by SSL Roland, Yamaha, Focusrite, Avalon, Millenia, Tannoy, Urie, Lexicon, Tascam, Genelec, AKG, Shure, Audio Technica, Alesis, TC Electronics, Digidesign, Sony, and other manufacturers will be used by students during the course.

Practical recording exercises with many instruments including drums, bass, guitars, keys, pianos and vocals, occur throughout the class and culminate in recording sessions with musicians/bands. Two songs will be recorded and mixed providing students with valuable experience. All students participate in the studio sessions and creation of the finished recordings.

Completion of Audio 1 can be used as preparation for the Douglas College Music Technology Diploma program, which is ideal for those interested in pursuing a career in production, recording and sound engineering. Ages 14+. 




Music Technology (Diploma)

Douglas College, located in Metro Vancouver, offers a full-time two-year diploma in music technology through the Music department.

The full-time Music Technology Diploma program provides two years of training resulting in a diploma that can be transferred to university.

You'll get the hands-on training you need in audio engineering, music production, game audio, and live sound. Find out more about the Music Technology Diploma program. 
Music Technology (Diploma)


Please contact the Reg Office (604-527-5472) or visit the Registration page with the CRN(s) of the course(s) you wish to register for. Contact the Community Music School at or 604 527 5465 for more information.