Writing Your Test with Accessibility Services

Douglas College Accessibility Services (AS) is committed to maintaining a high standard of academic integrity during examinations. We follow the Douglas College Academic Integrity Policy. The following procedures are listed so you know what to expect when writing an exam with Accessibility Services.

Exam Procedures

  • Please be on time for your exam (or early if possible)
  • Please bring your Douglas College student ID card with you, as well as anything you will need to write your exam (i.e. pens, pencils, eraser, etc.)
  • We will give you a lock and locker to put away anything that is not allowed in the exam room
  • Cellphones, smart watches and other electronic devices are NOT allowed
  • No food is permitted in our exam rooms unless indicated on your accommodation plan
  • Please try to avoid wearing any perfumes, colognes etc. that have strong scents
  • If you need to take a washroom break during your exam, an AS Facilitator will walk with you to the closest washroom
  • If there are problems with the date or time your exam is scheduled please email the Facilitator immediately at asexams@douglascollege.ca
  • If you will be late for an exam, please notify the AS Facilitator immediately via phone or email
  • If you arrive late, the AS Facilitator will follow your instructor’s guidelines for late arrivals
  • If you become ill during your exam, notify the AS Facilitator immediately
  • If there is a fire alarm/other emergencies, follow the direction of the AS Facilitator

Contact Us

Email: asexams@douglascollege.ca

New Westminster: 604 527 5486

Coquitlam: 604 777 6185