How to book an Assessment test

Please be advised that Douglas College is temporarily suspending face-to-face student services. All assessment tests are currently offered in an online format via your personal computer and web camera. 

Get ready to book your assessment!

What you will need:

1. Your student number. If you do not have a student number, you will need to apply to the College.

2. The name of the assessment test you need to take. (i.e. for Math, the program you have applied to and/or the Math course you want to register into).

3. A Webcam on a laptop or PC

4. A quiet place to write your test

Please note that registration of cancellation of assessments must be done 24 (business) hours in advance of the scheduled date and time.

What to do:

For the Assessment tests noted below please contact the Registrar's Office via:

Provide the Registrar's Office with your: full name, student number, test you need to take, whether you are Webcam (on laptop of PC) ready, your email address, your date of birth, the semester you require your assessment.

For all other assessments please find contact details on the individual testing information pages.

What will happen:

You will be placed on a waitlist by priority:

  • First those requiring assessment for admission to a program or pre-requisite for course(s) for Fall 2020 semester. 
  • Second those requiring assessment for admission to a program or pre-requisite for course(s) for Winter 2021 semester.

You will receive an email from Assessment Services when your assessment is available providing you with all of the information and instructions you will require for taking your assessment. Not available in Summer 2020. Check back later.

Assessment test Information pages

Book your test

Call 604 527 5478 to book your assessment test.

Computer-based English Assessments can be booked by calling the number above.

Computer-based Math Assessments must be booked by calling 604 527 5483 or 604 527 5759 or emailing