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Release of information (HDCR 550)


Course Name


Release of Information


Course Description


Release of Information provides guidance to people involved with the disclosure of confidential patient information to ensure that health information continues to be safeguarded and is only disclosed to authorized requestors in accordance with BC legislation and local health care/organizational policies and procedures.



Subject Code


HDCR 550



Learning Objectives


By the end of the course, students will

  • differentiate between confidentiality, privacy and security;
  • describe why there is a need to protect patient information and theconsequences of breaching confidentiality;
  • state when heath information can be disclosed or released;
  • understand key legal and ROI terms associated with release of health information;
  • identify the legislation that supports decisions to disclose or not disclose health information;
  • apply the principles of “balancing right of access” to “need for confidentiality” as outlined in BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FIPPA) legislation;
  • apply strategies to determine the validity of the
    • request for health information
    • authorization form;
  • determine whether patient authorization is required in order to release health information;
  • apply criteria to determine extent of information to be disclosed including severing; and
  • respond appropriately to a variety of requests for information received in different formats (verbal/fax/phone/mail/electronic).










  • Completion of English 12 with a minimum grade of “C” or LPI score of 4 or equivalent is required.Students who register are understood to be confirming successful completion of this requirement.Proof of successful completion is not required on registration, but may be requested by Douglas College.
  • Minimum one year full time (or equivalent) experience in a health record department or related area(Two years or more experience is preferred) - please provide this in the form of a CV.
  • Typing 45 wpm (letter from employer to verify)



Course Content


  • Key concepts and principles related to individual access to personal health information;
  • Managing and responding to requests for health information for a variety of purposes including individual, direct patient care, secondary and legal;
  • Concepts of fair information practices;
  • Relevant legal terminology and BC legislation with emphasis on the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA);
  • Application of policies, practices, and tools used to manage the disclosure/ release of information, consent/authorization management practices;
  • Logging and tracking release of information requests;
  • Severing of health information (when/what/how);
  • Producing letters and invoices; and
  • Personal responsibility and accountability for maintaining confidentiality of health information.



Learning Resources


All course materials are available online via Blackboard



Instruction Method


Interactive online program delivered using Blackboard.


Due to the nature of an online delivery, the student will be expected be proficient in computer skills including email, adding attachments, navigating the internet etc. Resources for getting started with Blackboard are available online to help get the student comfortable in the Blackboard environment.





  • 9 assignments
  • Final exam





Minimum grade to pass is B- (70%).


A Continuing Education course certificate is issued on successful completion.



Completion Timeframe


Two (2) months (45 hours) from course start date



Registration and course start


Registration is easy; simply complete the CE-HS Registration Form and submit it to:, with proof of completion of the pre-requisite requirements. Payment of the tuition fee must accompany registration.


Instructions on how to access your course materials will be emailed to you by the Program Assistant within five (5) business days prior to your chosen course start date.


Summer 2020

Start Date CRN
Deadline to Register
 Apr 6, 2020  provided by dept  Mar 27, 2020
 May 4, 2020  provided by dept  Apr 24, 2019
 Jun 1, 2020  provided by dept  May 22, 2020
 Jul 6, 2020  provided by dept  Jun 26, 2020
 Aug 4, 2020  provided by dept  Jul 24, 2020


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