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Perinatal Programs for Professional Development

The Douglas College Perinatal Program is recognized as a leader in perinatal education and as such, we are committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities for those working or planning to work in the perinatal field. Our courses are regularly revised and updated to help ensure the most current, evidence-based information is made available to participants.

We, and our qualified, experienced, exceptional instructors, recognize different styles of learning and strive to provide a safe, nurturing, friendly and fun environment for our learners.

The ability to respond very quickly and efficiently to requests for programs and workshops is evidenced by Douglas College educational opportunities being offered throughout BC and Canada. These courses can be offered off-site in a variety of formats depending on location and participant needs.

For further information regarding these programs please contact:

Breastfeeding Education Programs

Ivette Musso, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Coordinator, Continuing Education
Faculty of Health Sciences

604 777 6563

Childbirth Education Training Doula Training

Sharron L. Gibbs, FACCE, LCCE, CD DONA
Perinatal Program Coordinator, Continuing Education
Faculty of Health Sciences


Program Assistant 

Health Sciences Continuing Education Award of Distinction in honour of James J. Doerr Application Form 

The James H. Doerr Award was established in honour of Jim Doerr upon his retirement from Douglas College in 1995. Jim was the Dean of Community Programs and Services at Douglas College for many years and the award was created in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Continuing Education at Douglas College and his belief in lifelong learning. The Natural Health & Healing fund was established in 2001 when Douglas College co-sponsored a presentation by Deepak Chopra. The fund was to support British Columbia residents who were enrolled in Health Science Continuing Education courses. In 2010, the James H. Doerr Award & Natural Health & Healing Fund were combined with the purpose of recognizing and supporting students enrolled in any Health Sciences Continuing Education (HS - CE) program or course at Douglas College.

 Eligibility recipient(s) must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in any HS - CE course or program at Douglas College
  2. Be a domestic student

 To apply for this award please follow this link