Education Council Results

2020/2021 Education Council Staff By-Election Results

Support Staff Representative

  • Regina Nguyen (by acclamation)

2020/2021 Education Council Faculty By-Election Results

Faculty of Applied Community Studies Representative

  • Carys Cragg (by election)

2021/2022 Education Council Election Results

Faculty Representative

  • Faculty of Health Sciences - Ruhina Rana (by acclamation)
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Sally Mennill (by election)
  • Faculty of Language, Literature and Performing Arts - Nathan Hall (by election)
  • Faculty of Science & Technology - Len Mills (by acclamation)
  • Faculty of Student Affairs and Services - Melissa Bartel Sawatzky (by acclamation)
  • Faculty Member at Large - Sam Schechter (by election)

Student Representative

  • New Westminster - Amrita Ramkumar (by election)
  • New Westminster - Miguel Rodriguez Ibarra (by election)
  • New Westminster - Tyler Sullivan (by election)
  • Coquitlam - Danna Marie Domasig (by acclamation)

Support Staff Representative

  • John Kinsley (by acclamation)