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The Learning Centre offers tutoring, academic, and writing support for students and by students through peer tutoring sessions, as well as English language help with professional tutors. All services provided by the Learning Centre are free to Douglas College students.

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Writing process  prewriting, outlining, drafting, revising and integrating sources in APA, MLA, et al.
Grammar and punctuation editing for grammar errors, comma use, subject-verb agreement, and others
English language learning article use, editing for language errors, ESL learning
Study skills and strategies note-taking, procrastination, reading your text book, taking tests
Course content statistics, biology, pharmacology, math, computer science


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Peer tutoring in the Learning Centre is provided by students who are hired based on instructor recommendation, academic performance and the ability to understand their own learning. Students working as peer tutors benefit from paid training (including international certification as a tutor), leadership opportunities, and participating in a learner-driven community.