Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Join the Douglas International Community and become a Mentor. Share your experiences with new international students or information you wish you knew when you were new. 

Mentor applications for Winter 2023 will open on December 9th


Mentor Eligibility/Requirements

  • You have been at Douglas for at least two semesters.  

  • You maintain a GPA of 2.33 or above.

  • You are a current student enrolled in at least one academic course in the Fall semester.

  • Initiate and maintain contact with your mentees.

  • Completion of training in Microsoft Teams.

  • Use Microsoft Teams to stay up to date with the program.

  • Attending mandatory training sessions:

    • September 23rd at 3:30pm

  •  Attending social events/activities is highly encouraged:

    • November 25th - Semester End Celebration (Date may change)

  • Commit 5 hours/month to supporting and answering new student questions about Douglas College and living in Vancouver. 

  • Attending meetings at the request of the program coordinators. 

  • Submitting feedback reports twice in a semester. 

Mentor Benefits

  • Mentor new international students 

    • Get matched with new international students with common goals, similar interest and values. You will be mentoring by sharing experiences, providing social connection and important student life information. 

  • Community building/ Networking  

    • Make new friends and expand your social and professional network. 

  • Skill development 

    • Receive coaching for your professional development from various Douglas departments, services, and leaders of the college. 

    • You will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of your time within the program which you can add onto your resume and upon request a reference letter.  

Important Dates for the Fall 2022 Program (Mentors): 

* Dates are tentative

August 12th

Registration opens for mentors.

September 6th

Matching begins for the program.

September 23rd

Last day to sign up for Fall program.

September 23rd

Mandatory training session.


Skill Development Session

November 25th

Final celebration.

December 17th

Last day of the program.