Indigenous Topics in Employment

While the rest of the Career Development Advanced Program is under program review, this elective is available to all students - no prerequisites required. 

This course is designed to introduce the key aspects of Aboriginal employment in Canada and the historical and contemporary factors that influence choices for today’s aboriginal job seeker.

Topics included in this course will be the impacts of interracial oppression, lateral violence and cultural genocide on the career path of the aboriginal job seeker today. Topics will also include specialized resources and strengths within aboriginal communities to support employment for Aboriginal clients. This course will also introduce strategies to address some of these issues in the employment-counselling environment with a particular focus on increasing job retention and course completion rates for clients.

Dates  September 11 - October 8 2022
Delivery  Asynchronous Online
Tuition  $518.00
Textbook Required?   Available at the DC Bookstore 
CRN  31048
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