Philosophy and Humanities

Philosophy is the consideration of many different ideas, some deriving from the intellectual heritage of past cultures, others stemming from those issues we face in our present moment in history. While many disciplines study specific features of the world, Philosophy can be about almost anything.

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Take the first step to a career as a lawyer, politician, motivational speaker, writer and more with an Associate of Arts Degree in Philosophy.

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Philosophy asks the big questions, such as "Why am I here?", "Is there a God?" and "How do we tell right from wrong?" 

But Philosophy can also pose very specific questions about the environment, about political life, about art, about the self. Traditionally, Philosophy has been divided into specific branches, many of which provide the basis for particular courses. For example, philosophers are interested in ethics, in knowledge and truth, in the nature of reality and the mind, in logic, beauty, social justice. Philosophy emphasizes thinking as a pleasurable end in itself, as a method of critical inquiry, and as a way of developing theories that enable us to understand the world and our place within it.

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