Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering provides unique and fulfilling work experiences that may help you decide if Therapeutic Recreation is the field for you. You will gain a good sense of the industry with all the exciting challenges and rewards that go with it. You also get to see and experience the role recreation plays in meeting the needs of older people or people with disabilities.

Volunteer site information

You could find an appropriate volunteer experience at:

  • hospitals
  • long term care facilities for older adults
  • youth assessment centres
  • rehabilitation settings
  • group homes
  • mental health settings
  • adult day centres
  • rehabilitation centres
  • correctional facilities
  • municipal recreation centres
  • agencies working with people with developmental disabilities

You can also check out The Red Book, which is a directory of health and social services in the lower mainland, including addresses and phone numbers. Another good website is GoVolunteer. Click on "Browse by Activity" and go to the Sports and Recreation listings.


Volunteer opportunities

Listed below - in alphabetical order by community - are some of the agencies currently providing volunteer opportunities in Therapeutic Recreation.