New Westminster campus booking

General Information

Mailing Address

Contact person during event

Type of space required

136 seats
Including volunteers and/or organizers
Do you require special room setup?
Computer / Internet access required?
A/V equipment required?
As part of your event are you bringing in a speaker or showing media?

Required Dates

Day(s) of the week

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Food Catering Service?
Is your event a program involving minors?
A Program involving Minors [individuals under the age of nineteen (19)] on Campus includes but is not limited to: day camps (e.g.: sports, science, art, music etc.), lessons, and developmental, cultural, recreational events for minors.

Please review our Minors on Campus Policy

There must be an On-Site Program Operator, i.e. the individual responsible for the operation, delivery and oversight of the Program, physically present during all Program activities involving minors.
Have you used Douglas College facilities before?
Please read the Facilities use Regulations and ensure all members of your group are aware of them. Failure to comply may result in booking cancellation or extra billing.

For catering, internet and other equipment requests: you will be contacted after your application is received.