Test Accommodations

Test accommodations are when you use accommodations to write a quiz, test, mid-term, or final exam. Accommodations are changes in when, where, or how you complete the test. Some examples of test accommodations include:

  • Alternate Format – such as audio, e-text, or large print
  • Extended Time – additional time to complete a test
  • Distraction Reduced – tests are booked in a room where visual and auditory distractions are reduced
  • Technology – use of computer, calculators, spell-check, or specific software
  • Reader or Scribe – a technology or person who reads a test aloud or writes your responses

You, your instructor, and Accessibility Services all work together to schedule and support your tests when you are using accommodations.  Accommodated tests written on campus are booked here. In order to have your accommodations ready, we must receive your booking request at least 5 business days (M-F) in advance of your test.

If you are interested in exploring test accommodations or have questions about how to book your accommodated tests, talk to your Accessibility Specialist or email ASExams@douglascollege.ca.