Student ID Cards

Order your ID Card now through your myAccount!

Your Student ID Card is your official Douglas College picture identification. Student ID Cards are produced by Enrolment Services for Douglas College students registered in courses for the current semester. Your Douglas College ID Card is valid for five years.

Current/Valid Government Photo Identification is required.

Lost or Stolen Replacement Cards: Students who require a replacement card will be charged a replacement fee of $20.

How to Request your Student ID Card

Students registered for the current term have three options for obtaining an ID card.

  1. Pick-up – students can order online and pick up their card at their campus of choice.
  2. Mail – students can order online and request to have their card mailed to them directly.
  3. Walk-in – students can wait in line and receive their card on the spot.

In order to qualify for a student ID Card, students must be registered in the current semester. We will only accept application 30 days prior the start of the semester that the student is registered in. All requests submitted before the application open date will be deleted and applications will need to be resubmitted.

Student Registered

Applications for ID Cards Open

Summer 2023

April 7

Fall 2023

August 7

Winter 2024 December 4


We will continue to process applications until the end of the current semester that the student is registered in.

Online Request

To request a card online, sign into your myAccount. The Student ID Card request form is available under the Personal Information Menu in a student’s myAccount page and is titled “Student ID Cards”. 

Students requesting a Douglas College Student ID Card will need to upload a copy of government-issued ID (for information see the Required ID section of the website) and an appropriate photograph that adheres to our photo standards (see below).

In-Person Requests

During business hours, students can go to Enrolment Services with their Student Number and Government Issued ID and request a card.

Replacement Cards

Students requesting a replacement Student ID Card will be assessed a replacement fee of $20 on their student account. (See Paying Your Fees for instructions on payment options.)

Students whose card has expired will not be charged a fee to receive a new card.

For more information regarding Student ID Cards, please contact Enrolment Services.

Student ID Card Functions

It is advised that you carry your Douglas College Student ID Card with you while on campus, as it serves many functions. Your Student ID Card:

  • is your Douglas College library card, providing you access to Douglas College library privileges, including off-campus access to the library's database
  • must be shown with the Compass Card when using Translink services
  • may be requested when writing exams or when picking up confidential information from Enrolment Services
  • is required to access campus facilities outside of regular college hours, and during periods of limited access, such as Sundays and holidays
  • gives you access to rooms that may be specific to your program

Photo Standards for Student ID Cards

Enrolment Services reserves the right to reject any photo submission that does not comply with the standards listed above or obscures an individual’s likeness.

Submitted photos must adhere to the photo standards below:

  • Photos must be clear, sharp, in focus, and in colour
  • Photos should clearly capture the face and shoulders of the individual only
  • You must be the only person in the photo
  • Photos should be recent and present an updated likeness to the individual
  • Cultural or religious head coverings are permitted
  • Eyes should be looking into the camera and open. Glasses are permitted as long as eyes are clearly visible and there is no glare resulting from a camera flash
  • Photos should not be altered in a significant way (e.g. enhanced, filters applied)
  • Photos should be submitted in jpeg file format and should be smaller than 5MB in size