Mindfulness for Anxiety Support Group

Mindfulness for Anxiety is a support group for students struggling with stress, worries and anxiety, provided in partnership with the YMCA of Greater Vancouver. This program runs most semesters for seven weeks, with two-hour weekly sessions that build on the knowledge of the previous week’s session.

Session structure

Each session has the same structure:

  1. Participants check-in by answering a set question.
  2. The group practices a mindfulness technique such as progressive muscle relaxation or mindful eating.
  3. Participants learn about coping with anxiety and stress with a new weekly topic.
  4. The group discusses the topic and engages in an activity to learn more about it.
  5. Sessions end with an individual check-out question.


Due to the program-style format, you must be registered to participate in this group. Registered members are expected to attend every session.

Winter 2022

The Winter Semester program will start March 3, 2022, and sessions will be held on Thursdays, 9:30–11:30am via Zoom. If you’re interested in joining, you must attend an information session first.