College Email in Microsoft 365

As a Douglas College registered student, you will have free access to Microsoft 365, a collection of services in the cloud that includes your Douglas College email account, Office applications and one terabyte of OneDrive storage space. All Douglas College official communications and Blackboard course emails are sent to your college email account.

Microsoft 365 account creation

Microsoft 365 accounts are created when you register for your first course. The details of your account (including your exact email address) are sent to your personal email — the one informed to the College when you register.

How to log in

  1. Go to
  2. On the Email field, type your College email address (
  3. On the Password field, type the Wi-Fi password (College Network Access password. Your password is sent to your personal email when you're registered for at least one course).
  4. Click Sign In

The Details of the Microsoft 365 credentials

College Email address: Your College Email address is sent to you via the email notification of the Microsoft 365 account creation to your personal email. Your exact username for an email address can be found also under your Personal Information in myAccount > Personal information > View E-mail Address.


Password: On the Password field, type College Network Access password which is the same one used for the wired and wireless networks.


Email registration for password reset: As soon as you start at Douglas, make sure the email address registered in your network profile is the one you want to use for password reset. If you forget your password, a code will be sent to this email address. By default it was set as your personal email — the one informed to the College when you register. If you need to update it, enter your personal email address, NOT your Douglas College email.

To learn how to register an email for password reset, please check out this page.

Password Reset: If you forget your password, go to Password Portal. A code will be sent to the personal email address registered on the Password Portal to allow you to create a new one.

How to forward Microsoft 365 email

If you prefer to receive in your personal email account any emails sent to your Microsoft 365 account, set up the auto-forward option by following these instructions.

Using Microsoft 365 & Douglas email after graduation

Once you have completed your studies, the system will email you a request to move all the files you would like to keep from OneDrive to your personal storage, or purchase a license before your access expires. You will receive a 30-day notice prior to the expiry date. All files left on the Microsoft 365 system after that period will be deleted permanently.

Getting help?

To learn more, check the Microsoft 365 for Students FAQ page.
For problems logging in to Microsoft 365, contact the CEIT Service Desk at 604.527.5330 or

For other issues involving Office 365, go to

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