Application Process

Students entering the Sign Language Interpretation program must already have a foundation in American Sign Language. To attain required fluency, students are encouraged to complete an accredited program in ASL and Deaf Studies before applying.

This program is open to both Hearing & Deaf applicants. 

  1. Anytime from January to April, apply through Douglas College website to be a fulltime student in the Fall of the same year.
  2. Sometime in early March you will get an e-mail from the Program of Sign Language Interpretation with information about the selection process and there will be forms attachments you need to fill out by mid-April.  
  3. The 2-day selection weekend takes place at the Coquitlam Campus Attend at end of April on a Friday & Saturday.  For out of town applicants who cannot attend the selection weekend, there is an alternative option available to do an interview via Skype sometime during the first week of May.
  4. Applicants are informed the results of application by mid-May by e-mail from the registrar office
  5. The communication from the registrar office will give instructions to the accepted applicants on how to proceed