Sign Language Interpretation Faculty

Barb Mykle – Hotzon  

Program Coordinator & Instructor  


Education: MEd (University of Alberta), BA Adult Education (Fraser Valley), PID (Vancouver Community College), Sign language Interpreting Diploma (Douglas College), Certificate of Interpretation and Certificate of Transliteration (RID), MIS and PSIR (British Columbia).  


"It is exciting to be able to support students on their journey to becoming qualified practitioners. The Program of Sign Language Interpretation is challenging but worthwhile and being a witness to the journey is an honour."  

INTR - Faculty Picture - Barb

Sara MacFayden  



Education: RSLI (Registered Sign Language Interpreter), COI (CASLI Certificate of Interpretation), MEd in Curriculum & Instruction (Simon Fraser), PID (Provincial Instructor’s Diploma, Vancouver Community College). 


"I have balanced dual careers as an interpreter and a college instructor since 1986. I am fascinated by teaching and learning as transactional social processes with the potential to be powerfully transformative. It is exciting to share in each student's journey into the interpreting community of practice." 

INTR - Faculty Picture - Sara