Sign Language Interpretation Faculty

Here are some brief biographies of our faculty and advisory committee members. 

Faculty Members

Barb Mykle-Hotzon

Program Coordinator and Instructor


MEd (University of Alberta), BA Adult Education (Fraser Valley), PID (Vancouver Community College), Sign language Interpreting Diploma (Douglas College), Certificate of Interpretation and Certificate of Transliteration (RID), MIS and PSIR (British Columbia).

"It is exciting to be able to support students on their journey to becoming qualified practitioners. The Program of Sign Language Interpretation is challenging but worthwhile and being a witness to the journey is an honour."


Sara MacFayden


MEd (Simon Fraser), Certificate of Interpretation (AVLIC), PID (Vancouver Community College).

"I am fascinated by teaching and learning as social processes with the potential to be powerfully transformative. It is exciting to share in each student's journey into the interpreting community of practice."


Rhys McCormick


MSc ASL/English Interpreting (University of North Florida) BA General Studies (Fraser Valley), Sign Language Interpreting Diploma (Douglas College), PSIR (British Columbia), RID - NIC.

"To me teaching is a two way street. I appreciate and acknowledge the skills, knowledge, history, and background that all students bring to their studies. I strive to honour their individual differences and guide them towards a common goal. Sharing the love of my profession with new students is something that keeps me excited to go to work every day."


Nigel Howard


BA (British Columbia), Supervision Certificate (BCIT) Management Level VII (Justice Institute).

"Teaching is always an inspiration for me. Every student who comes into our program is a special individual with potential to become a professional interpreter. To achieve that, I am sharing my world with students so that they will become valued members in the Deaf community.”


Advisory Committee

Community Members

Emily Allan

Registered Sign Language Interpreter

Suzane (Suzie) Giroux

District Manager, Canada (Sorenson Communications)

Kirsten Hagemoen

Registered Sign Language Interpreter and Instructor in ASL & Deaf Studies (VCC)

Heidi Jantz

Registered Sign Language Interpreter Cecelia Klassen- Executive Director (Family Network for Deaf Children)

Janice Lyons

Head of Interpreting Services (Western Institute of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

Rhys McCormick (PAS)

Access Advisor; Post-Secondary Communication Access Services (BCIT)

Eddy Morten 

Representative from Deaf-Blind community Alison Sands- Registered Sign Language Interpreter

Sheryl Smith

Registered Sign Language Interpreter - Education (BC School for the Deaf)

Pat Tarchuk (PDHHS)

Residential Program Coordinator; Provincial Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (MCFD)

Caroline Tetreault (BCSD)

Coordinator of Interpreting Services (BC School for the Deaf)

Jennifer Zuvic

Teacher (BC School for the Deaf)  - Head of Interpreting Services (Western Institute of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

Douglas College Members

Nigel Howard 

Instructor; Department of Interpreting

Cheryl Palmer

Coordinator/Instructor; Department of Interpreting

Karla Gronsdahl

Dean; Faculty of Child, Family & Community Studies

Miriam West

Communication Access Coordinator; Accessibility Services in Student Affairs and Services