Typing assessment

Typing Assessment tests are suspended until further notice.

What it tests

This assessment is a speed and accuracy test that consists of a two-minute practice test and three – five-minute timed tests.  Results are calculated and the best score, out of the three attempts, is recorded.  It will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and be marked.

Please Note: Individuals who are NOT students at Douglas College are eligible to take the typing test for a fee of $15.00. Douglas College students taking the typing test for outside purposes will be required to pay a fee of $15.00 and must only register in the sessions which are open for external testing purposes.

What to bring to the test

Photo identification (Douglas College student card, current driver's license or passport), your student number and a pen.


The result of this Assessment will be given out immediately after the exam and will be posted to the student records system within 24 hours.

Test policy

Students may take an assessment test for admission to courses and/or programs a maximum of two times within a two year period.  Students who believe extenuating circumstances exist may contact the Registrar to request special consideration or exemption to this policy.

Douglas College will accept written documentation of a 5-minute timed typing test result from high schools or other educational institutions in the form of a letter on official letterhead or stamped with the school stamp and signed by the test administrator, or a typing speed certificate.

Ready to book?

Typing Assessment tests are suspended until further notice.