Online Learning

What is Online Learning?

At Douglas College, the system (or LMS) we use for online learning activities is called Blackboard Learn, and includes Collaborate (web-conferencing tool) and Kaltura (ability to upload audio and video files to your course, Assignments, etc.).

Courses are offered in three different models:

  • Hybrid
  • Enhanced
  • Online

In "hybrid" (sometimes called "blended") courses, a significant amount of the course learning activity has been moved online, usually up to approximately 50%. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of time spent in the classroom. Traditional face-to-face instruction and activities are reduced but not eliminated.

"Web enhanced" courses may have a course website or some instructional activities online, which supplement but do not replace face-to-face coursework. Students continue to meet in the classroom for the standard number of scheduled hours for that course.

An "online" course is conducted entirely and exclusively via the learning management system assessable on the Internet. The online format is the primary method to deliver the course materials. Communication and interaction occur online between faculty and students. All assessment of student work is conducted online.

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