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Logins & Passwords


myAccount gives you access to information such as your Office 365 email address, myPath, course registration, waitlists, tuition fees, grades, booklists, transcripts, financial aid and your contact details. You can access myAccount directly or from the Login link at the top of this page.

To access myAccount for the first time, your User ID is your 9-digit student number and your PIN is, by default, your 6-digit birthdate (DDMMYY). You’ll be prompted to change this PIN at your first login.

For security reasons, please create a PIN with at least 15 characters (maximum allowed is 20 characters). To make it easier to remember, use a passphrase — a sequence of random words that may contain mixed case, numbers and punctuation, for example, NeverWenttoBali!

You will not be able to reuse your PIN.

To change your myAccount PIN if you ever forget it, go to myAccount, enter your User ID and click the Forgot PIN?/Change PIN? button.

NOTE: Blackboard requires the same password used for myAccount.


College Network Access (CNA)

For services including:

College Network Access (CNA) credentials

Your username is your 9-digit student number. If you are a new student, your password will be generated randomly, and emailed to you when you're registered for at least one course.

Please change it when you first log in to make sure you are the only one to know it. This password must have at least 15 characters.

If you ask the CEIT Service Counters for assistance with any password services, you must provide your student ID card or government ID card.

Email registration for password reset

As soon as you start at Douglas, make sure the email address registered in your network profile is the one you want to use for password reset. If you forget your password, a code will be sent to this email address when you use the Self-Service Password Reset to allow you to create a new one.

To register an email for password reset:

  1. Go to https://sspr-reg.douglascollege.ca
  2. Enter your CNA credentials
  3. Click Login, then Next.
  4. Enter your password again, and click Next.

    NOTE: A new screen will show the email currently in the system.

  5. If you need to update it, enter your personal email address, NOT your Douglas College email.
  6. Click Next to register this email.
    NOTE: Any future password resets will be sent to this address.

Password requirement

Douglas requires you to set up a password with 15 or more characters. Since the CNA credentials allow access to so many services, it’s important to ensure your login is as secure as possible. See more details here.

Password reset

If you’ve forgotten your CNA password, create a new one at the Self-Service Password Reset. Remember that resetting this password will affect all services that use the same password (e.g., Office 365, Wi-Fi and Compass Card).

To reset your CNA password:

  1. Go to https://sspr.douglascollege.ca
  2. Enter your username, and click Next.

    NOTE: a new screen will ask for a security code that has just been sent to the email registered at https://sspr-reg.douglascollege.ca

  3. Enter the security code found in your email, and click Next.
  4. Enter and re-enter your new password.
  5. Click Next.
    NOTE: You can now log in with the new password.

College computers

To log in to the College computers, use your College Network Access (CNA) credentials.


Choose Douglas College Internal from the list of available networks, and use your CNA credentials. If prompted to accept a security certificate, click Accept or Continue to connect. Click here for specific instructions for different mobile devices.


Use your CNA credentials. Note that all files need to be saved to a USB device. If saved only on Citrix or the desktop, they will be automatically deleted after the reboot. For more information, refer to the Citrix Receiver Instructions on the desktop of student computers and in X:\Citrix\Log On Instructions.

Compass Card and MediaSite

Besides the computers, Wi-Fi and Citrix, your CNA credentials allow you to log in to Compass Card and MediaSite.


To log in to Office 365, use this same password and your official College email address — this address can be found under your Personal Information in myAccount.

If you need assistance, you can contact the following teams: Students Helping Students (except for summer), CEIT Help Desk and CEIT Service Counters.