Essential Skills Practitioner Training Certificate

Essential Skills Practitioner Training CE Certificate Program (ESPT) has been updated to reflect Canada’s new Skills Framework ‘SKILLS FOR SUCCESS’!

The ESPT CE Certificate is a unique six-course program offered online, face-to-face, or through a hybrid format.

Who is it for?

Educators, Career Practitioners & Employment Counsellors, ESL Instructors, Human Resource Professionals, and Employers


What will I learn?

The ESPT program is designed to assist individuals to integrate Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) task-based Skills Framework into the work that they do with learners. The courses help workers to understand and interpret Skills Assessments and how to design activities to take a construct approach that builds on learners existing skills. 

What are the Courses:

  • Introduction to Essential Skills/Skills for Success; Canada’s Skills Framework / or Aboriginal Essential Skills Journey, Planting the Seeds for Growth*
  • Methodology and Task Analysis
  • Assessments, Interpretation & Application
  • Creating a Skills Portfolio
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Work Experience Study

* Aboriginal Essential Skills Journey, Planting the Seeds for Growth is an introductory workshop that was created to incorporate an Aboriginal World View.  Download the free PDF guide and workbooks:

How do I register? 

Visit the Continuing Education registration page.

What if I want to challenge a course?

ESPT courses are eligible for PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Recognition). Please see the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition Program Guide for an overview.



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