Study Abroad Guide

Study abroad guide

Before you leave Canada, check Government of Canada's Travel website for travel warnings and advisories.  

Also, register yourself with Foreign Affairs & Trade Development of Canada and make note of the phone number and address for the Canadian Embassy and Canadian Consulate in the country(ies) you are travelling to. This could prove valuable if you lose your passport, identification or find yourself in need of government assistance.  

As well, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the customs and laws of the country you'll be visiting by viewing country specific information on Global Affairs Canada's website.

To find out even more about preparing yourself for your abroad experience, explore our Study Abroad Guide pages...

Study abroad opportunities

At Douglas College, we recognize the experience of studying abroad adds depth and meaning to your post-secondary education, which is why we’ve created Global Engagement, a one-stop page with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the exciting new location you’d like to study in.

Required Pre-Departure Documents & Orientation

Every Douglas College student that travels internationally (regardless of the program) must submit the below documentation (electronically as a PDF) to the appropriate program coordinator before departure.  Submitting the following information to Global Engagement, prior to departure, is mandatory: 

  1. completed Emergency Contact Form; 
  2. completed Release of Liability Form; 
  3. completed Photo, Video & Information Release Form;
  4. copy of your valid passport (passports must be valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return date);
  5. proof of travel medical insurance coverage (copy of both your travel coverage declaration showing the coverage period and claims reporting details);
  6. copy of flight itinerary;
  7. the address and contact information for where you will be staying abroad,
  8. contact information for your host institution / placement organization, if applicable;
  9. copy of your Acceptance to the study abroad activity / program.

Students are also required to attend a Pre-Departure Orientation session to review important travel, safety and emergency information and procedures.  

Contact us if you have any questions and for details on the Pre-Departure orientation session.