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Therapeutic Recreation

Get the skills you need for a rewarding career helping people who face leisure and health related challenges in the Therapeutic Recreation program at Douglas College.

We have two options if you want to pursue a career in Therapeutic Recreation: a two-year diploma and a four-year Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation degree. Both options will set you on your way to a successful career as a therapeutic recreation practitioner.

The traditional approach to therapeutic recreation focused on using planned leisure activities to help older adults and people with disabilities and illnesses break down barriers which impeded their chances of having a fulfilling life.

In recent years, Therapeutic Recreation has expanded its application and includes helping any person who faces obstacles to having a rewarding quality of life. For example, a young person with a spinal cord injury can increase their strength, endurance and independence when working with a therapeutic recreation practitioner. Also, someone nearing retirement may need additional support in finding meaningful leisure opportunities and the accompanying resources.

In the Therapeutic Recreation program, you will become familiar with concepts about leisure activities and how they can be used to promote health, increase self-esteem, increase enjoyment and life satisfaction and develop personal independence.

You’ll also get a chance to do hands-on work to apply the theories taught in class through community projects and practicum or internship placements.
If you see all people as people first and believe everyone has a right to leisure in their lives as well as enjoy helping people succeed and break down walls, a career in therapeutic recreation may be for you.

For information about admission requirements, courses. intake dates and more, visit the Program and Course Catalogue