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Child, Family and Community Studies

If you're a caring person who wants a challenging career in human services, Douglas College will help you get started.

Child, Family and Community Studies (CFCS) students work in close and supportive relationships with others. If you are self-aware, mature, flexible, tolerant and have integrity, you'll succeed in your class work and your chosen field. 

During your program, you'll experience personal growth as well as academic learning. You will be involved in course activities that promote self-reflection, openness to feedback and evaluation of personal goals, values and beliefs.

All CFCS programs provide you with hands-on experience through practicum placements at work sites. Graduates find employment in a variety of community and government-funded agencies.

Vision and values

The vision of CFCS is to prepare exemplary graduates for the changing communities in which they work, live and learn. CFCS provides comprehensive educational programs, credentials and pathways to the workplace and further professional development. CFCS is committed to the continual development of current and emergent practices and curriculums. CFCS will increase faculty and student engagement in scholarly activity and community based research. We are dedicated to honouring and enhancing diversity and collaboration at Douglas College and in our communities.

Our programs share common values:

  • belief in the power of the individual to grow and change
  • commitment to the principle of self-determination
  • conviction that our cross cultural/multi-religious heritages are to be valued and encouraged
  • belief in the obligation of the practitioner to develop self-awareness
  • respect for the dignity and rights of others
  • belief that children have the right to grow in an environment of safety, harmony, understanding and love
  • support for people to be integrated into the community to the fullest extent possible.

Get credit for your experience

If you have work experience related to a Douglas College CFCS program, you can be evaluated by the College's Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) service. PLAR will help you identify, document and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities you've acquired on the job or through life experience for possible credit. 

Want more information?

Contact the Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies.