Child and Youth Care

If you are a compassionate person committed to building relationships with at-risk children, youth and families, the Bachelor of Arts in Child & Youth Care (BACYC) Program is the first step in helping you enter the challenging and rewarding field of child and youth care. 

Child & Youth Care practitioners support the wholistic development and wellbeing of young people and their families in community, striving for a more socially just world. The Bachelor of Arts in Child & Youth Care (optional exit with the Diploma) gives its students an understanding of the challenges young people face, and the ways of knowing, being, and doing to support them in their world. Collectively, its courses will prepare graduates for professional practice, focusing on: working collaboratively in complex contexts, embodying a relational and ethical approach, focusing on strengths, designing interventions, programs, and environments to best support young people, all with a foundation of interpersonal communication skills and self-awareness. 

Program Highlights

  • Virtually 100% employment rate for graduates 
  • Experienced instructors who focus on real-world skills
  • Practical experience through worksite placements
  • Many options for specialties and advancement
  • Specialize in Child Protection or Youth Justice 

Gain Competitive Skills

The BACYC program will give you the knowledge and skills you need to support the development of vulnerable children and youth in their everyday environments through the full range of human experience - in times of happiness, difficulty and resolution.

The program offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care degree. We also offer a unique Indigenous Pathway into the Degree. 

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Program Options

You can apply to enter the Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care degree at third year, if you have an appropriate diploma. We offer a unique Youth Justice program that allows you to obtain your diploma, gain relevant and practical skills, and provides a pathway to the BACYC (and other DC degree programs).

Find program details and admission requirements through the Douglas College Program Catalogue.

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We are excited to announce our two-year 100% online diploma program will be starting in Fall of 2022 (September) with asynchronous and synchronous learning. Applicants would apply for the bachelor program to be accepted and take the online diploma exit after two years. As part of the program, students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills through two practicums that can be coordinated in their local community.

Applications will be accepted after October 1, 2021. Please feel free to reach out to the Program Advisor for more information at or learn more about program requirements, HERE

Student Success Story

Child and Youth Care student wants to help teenage girls struggling with addiction.

Gursimran yoga

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