Register For Classes

Throughout the registration process, you will find a HELP button on the top right of each screen. Click on this button for additional information and to assist in your navigation through the different parts of the online service. 

  1. Log In to myAccount (found at the top of every page).
  2. Enter your User ID (your student number) and your PIN (birthdate as DDMMYY unless you have changed it). Click Login
  3. Click on 'Registration'.
  4. Click on 'Add or Drop Courses'.
  5. Select the term (September to December is referred to as "Fall") to which you want to register or drop a course. IF YOU KNOW THE CRNs FOR YOUR COURSES go to step 6. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CRNs FOR YOUR COURSES go to step 8. *CRNs are 5-digit Course Reference Numbers and can be found in the Course Schedule. For the Fall all CRNs begin with the number 3.
  6. Enter the CRNs for the courses in which you wish to register or drop a course.
  7. Once CRNs are entered click on Submit Changes. Go to Step 10.
  8. If you do not know the CRNs for your course selection click on Class Search (at bottom of page) to search for your course. You can register directly from this page by ticking the Select Box located to the left of your course and then clicking Register at the bottom of the page. If there is no Select Box for your course of choice this indicates that this course is full. Go to Step 10.
  9. If your registration or course drop is successful your course will appear under Current Schedule on this page. If your registration or course drop is not successful a cross will appear and an error message will show in the registration Status column.
  10. When you have successfully added or dropped a course ALWAYS click on Update Fees to be provided with an updated fee assessment.
  11. At this time you have the following options:
    • Pay for your courses online with Interact or online banking
    • Check your schedule
    • View Student Detail Summary
    • View Account Summary by Term
    • or Click Exit (top right of screen) to end the registration process.
  12. We STRONGLY recommend that you log out and then log back in after you have completed your registration changes. Once you have logged back in, confirm that your desired transaction has been successfully completed.

Registration information at a glance

  1. Registration date and time 
    Know your registration date and time. Each semester you will be given a specific date and time for registration. The Registration System will not allow you to register for courses until your allotted time. You will find this information by accessing the Registration System up to one month prior to registration.
  2. Student number and PIN 
    Have your student number and PIN (Personal Identification Number) ready.
  3. Timetable of courses 
    Prepare a timetable of courses in which you want to register (remember that some courses require both lecture and lab registration). The Course Schedule is available online. We recommend that you prepare more than one timetable in case the course(s) you want are full.
  4. Prerequisites and required assessments
    Make sure that you have met all prerequisites and completed all required assessments. If you are not sure that this information is included in your student record contact the Registrar's Office at 604-527-5478 BEFORE your registration date. For more details see Prerequisites. Refer to the online Catalogue for course prerequisites or policy and procedure information. You should also have a pen and paper in case you need to make notes. The Registration System will not permit registration in a course unless the prerequisites are met or currently in progress. Special permission must be entered into the Student System by the Instructor/Department prior to registration.
  5. Final grades 
    If you are currently registered in a course at Douglas College that is a prerequisite for a course you are trying to enrol in, your prerequisites will not be checked until your final grade in your current course is received. You should re-verify your registration after grades have been submitted for the specific semester.
  6. Pay your fees 
    The College does not send out an invoice listing your tuition fees. You can access this information using the Registration System. Remember, your access is restricted at certain times during the registration period. Check the Important Dates and Deadlines for dates the system is open for all students. The fee payment deadline is strictly enforced. Failure to comply with the deadline or making only partial payment will result in deregistration of all courses and removal from all the waitlists and/or late payment penalties.

Getting the most out of the registration system

  1. Check course availability
    You can access the course planning tool prior to your registration time to find out if there is space in a course you want. This feature can also be used to pre-plan future semesters and see what courses become available after the fee payment deadline.
  2. Beware of course conflicts
    The Registration System will not tell you if you have registered in courses that conflict (run the same day and time or at different campuses). This is especially important to note if a course you select has a lab component.
  3. Don't get disconnected
    The Registration System will disconnect you after 10 minutes of idle time. This means that if you are not making changes or additions to your student record, and if you are not actively viewing and navigating your record, you will have to log in again if you wish to continue.
  4. Auditing courses
    All registrations are for-credit courses. If you wish to audit a course you must first register for the course using the registration system. You must then come to the Registrar's Office no later than the last day of Late Registration and change your status from credit to audit using a Registration/Course Add form with the instructor's signature. Please note: Audited courses are not eligible for Student Loan Funding.
  5. Wait-list
    If the course or section you want is full when you try to register, add yourself to the wait-list.
  6. Changing courses and sections
    When changing one course for another, be sure to add the new course before you drop the old one. You may find the course you want to change to is not available. If the course is available, don't forget to drop the course you don't want to keep. Important Note: If you are replacing one section for a different section, you must drop the one you don't want before adding the new one. It is very important that you ensure there is space available in the section you want. Once you have dropped your original choice, you may not be able to get it back (even if there is no space in the other section).
  7. Refund information 
    Make yourself familiar with the refund policy. There may be a monetary penalty for course drops and section changes once the semester has begun. If you have paid your fees with a tuition fee deferral, this is considered the same as paying your fees with cash. Therefore, all policies concerning refunds will apply to students using a fee deferral.

    Late admission to another post-secondary institution is not considered sufficient reason to waive the Douglas College Refund Policy.

  8. Limited Enrolment Program rule
    If you have applied and been admitted to a Limited Enrolment Program, you are assigned a priority registration time to register in courses to complete your declared program of study. You may not use your priority registration time to register for courses outside your program. The Registrar's Office will de-register you from courses that are outside your program if you register during the priority registration period. Once the Open Enrolment registration period begins, you may register in any courses as long as you meet the course pre-requisites.

Registration help line

For extra assistance you can call the Enrolment Services helpline:

604 527 5478

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Wednesday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

This is not a toll-free line - if you are calling long distance you will be charged for the call.
This line does not replace the Registration System.