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Skill Development for Supervisors – Fall 2020

In response to the evolving situation with COVID-19, and out of an abundance of caution, we have postponed all of our public workshops. Once it has been deemed appropriate to attend public gatherings again, we will restart our public training programs. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times. 

Be the leader you were meant to be!!

Location: Douglas College, New Westminster Campus – Room S4920

Cost: $199 per person per session.

Register for a package to SAVE over 20%
$625 for a package of 4 sessions or $940 for all 6 sessions!

Time: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Dates: 'On Hold'


1.     Essential Skills: The Role of Management, Leadership and Coaching

This workshop is designed for both new and experienced Supervisors who wish to move beyond basic management skills and develop strong abilities to better lead their teams and shape their corporate culture.

2.     Making the Transition to Supervisor

Making the move from co-worker to Supervisor can be a tricky transition. This basic training for new Supervisors provides you with easy-to-apply tools needed to make a successful transition into your new role. The workshop includes practical basic management know-how to plan, organize, coach, motivate, delegate, and communicate to be an effective new Supervisor.

3.     Creating a Culture of Excellence

Most Supervisors (and employees) don’t begin their day with the intention of achieving average results. Instead of hard-driving, short-term performance programs, organizations today need to shift to a long-term game. By influencing the culture of the entire organization towards a mindset of excellence, Supervisors can set high standards, eliminate old habits and build organizational capacity focused on constant improvement.

4.     Effective Communication for Supervisors

Supervisors of all levels within an organization need to be able to communicate effectively with employees, colleagues, and upper management. By improving communication skills, Supervisors can improve the flow of information, enhance teamwork, promote accountability, reduce errors, ramp up productivity, and provide greater consistency with fewer errors. Ultimately, effective communication improves the bottom line and facilitates growth.

5.     Resolving Conflicts and Difficult Situations

In this highly interactive workshop geared specifically for Supervisors, participants will not only learn effective strategies to resolve conflicts and difficult situations with sensitivity and respect, but they will also participate in active role-playing to hone their skills.

6.     Decision Making, Critical Thinking and Creativity

Supervisors with critical thinking skills can understand the logical connections between ideas, identify inconsistencies or mistakes in reasoning, and make effective decisions. Leaders that can develop these skills can also guide their people in creative problem solving, thereby improving productivity, and realizing potential opportunities for sales, service and organizational growth.

Continuing Education Courses

Course registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the class is full, please ask to be placed on the wait-list. 

Courses can be taken individually or as a package.  A discounted price is available for the complete 4 session series. 


In-Person: Douglas College, New Westminster or Coquitlam Campus

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