Psychiatric Nursing (Bachelor of Science)

Curriculum Guideline

Effective Date:
Program Code
Health Sciences
Nursing - Psychiatric
Credential Type
Bachelor's Degree
Transcript Title
Psyc Nurs-Bachelor of Science
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing
Length of Program
Eight semesters
Admissions Requirements

I. Academic Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (BSPN) program, students must complete the following required 30 university transfer (UT) credits, with a minimum grade of C+ (65%) in each 3 credit course:

Students may apply to the BSPN program for the Fall or Winter semester following completion of the required 30 credits listed above.  Students are accepted to the BSPN program on a first qualified, first admitted basis. In the event where students qualify for admission at the same time, but there are fewer program seats available than demand dictates, offers will be given to those students with a higher GPA on the required courses for admission to BSPN.

Beginning with the Winter 2019 intake of the BSPN program, priority admission will be given to applicants who are in the Academic Foundations for Potential Psychiatric Nursing Applicants program.

Priority Registration for Potential Psychiatric Nursing Applicants

As the above courses are in high demand, students do have the option of applying for priority registration.  To receive priority registration, students may apply to Academic Foundations (for potential Psychiatric Nursing applicants)

Students who are approved for priority registration under the Academic Foundations (for potential Psychiatric Nursing applicants) category are not guaranteed admission to the Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing program.  

II. Non-Academic Admission Requirements

After successful completion of the required Academic Foundation 30 credits, and with an offer of admission to the second year of the BSPN program, applicants will be required to satisfy the following criteria (appropriate forms will be provided):

  • Admission interview - An admission interview may be required
  • Medical assessment - A medical health assessment indicating satisfactory mental and physical health.  All costs for the medical assessment are the responsibility of the applicant. 
  • Immunizations - A current record of immunizations.  All costs related to required immunizations and/or testing are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Criminal Record Check (CRC) (within one year prior to the start of the program) - Students practice in environments that require individuals to provide proof of satisfactory, current CRC for the protection of clients.  To meet this requirement, prospective students must submit a current CRC as a condition of entry to the program.  All costs related to the completion of the CRC are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Deposit - A non-refundable deposit of $350.00 (applied to tuition) upon acceptance into the Degree program is required.
Curriculum Framework

Beginning in Fall 2017, students admitted to Semester 1 of the BSPN program must achieve a grade of C+ or higher in all of the following Psychiatric Nursing courses and PHIL 3125.

Year 2: Semester 1

PNUR 2101 Psychiatric Nursing Concepts I 4.5
PNUR 2121 Therapeutic Relations I 1.5
PNUR 2130 Clinical Procedures I 1.5
PHIL 3125 Ethics for Psychiatric Nursing  3.0
PNUR 2175 Psychiatric Nursing Research 3.0
PNUR 2170  Trauma Informed Practices I 1.5
PNUR 2171 Family Health Promotion


  Total 18.0

Year 2: Semester 2

PNUR 2201 Psychiatric Nursing Concepts II 3.0
PNUR 2221 Therapeutic Relations II 1.5
PNUR 2230 Clinical Procedures II 1.5
PNUR 2261 Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Practice I 5.0
PNUR 2285 Psychiatric Nursing in Addictions and Mental Health 3.0
  Total 14.0


Year 3: Semester 3

PNUR 3301 Psychiatric Nursing Concepts III 4.5
PNUR 3321 Therapeutic Relations III 1.5
PNUR 3330 Clinical Procedures III 1.5
PNUR 3361 Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Practice II 5.0
PNUR 3350 Psychiatric Nursing Pharmacology 3.0
  Total 15.5


Year 3: Semester 4

PNUR 3401 Psychiatric Nursing Concepts IV 4.5
PNUR 3421 Therapeutic Relations IV 1.5
PNUR 3430 Clinical Procedures IV 1.5
PNUR 3461 Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Practice III 5.0
PNUR 3441 Group Theory 1.5
PNUR 3403 Geriatric Theory and Assessment 3.0
  Total 17.0


Year 4: Semester 5

PNUR 4521 Therapeutic Relations V 1.5
PNUR 4572 Psychiatric Nursing Community Concepts 3.0
PNUR 4573 Psychiatric Nursing of Children and Adolescents 3.0
PNUR 4561 Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Practice IV 5.0
PNUR 4580 Trauma Informed Practices II 1.5
PNUR 4501 Nursing Leadership and Management I 1.5
  Total 15.5


Year 4: Semester 6

PNUR 4601 Nursing Leadership and Management II 1.5
PNUR 4661 Psychiatric Nursing Degree/Diploma Clinical Practice V: Preceptorship 9.0
  Total 10.5