Environmental Studies

Curriculum Guideline

Effective Date:
Program Code
Humanities & Social Sciences
Humanities & Social Sciences
Credential Type
Associate Degree
Transcript Title
Arts/ENVS - Associate Degree
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Associate Degree in Arts - Specialization in Environmental Studies
Length of Program
Four semesters
Admissions Requirements

General College Admission Requirements

Curriculum Framework

The Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis on Environmental Studies consists of a series of university transfer courses from which students can select any combination that fulfills basic Associate of Arts Degree requirements. 

Note: Students must take at least eight courses with an environmental theme/focus (see list below).

Arts courses with an environmental theme/focus

ANTH 1170

Anthropology in Developing Countries

CRIM 1180

Introduction to Environmental Law

ECON 1201

Issues in Economic Development

ECON 2460

Environmental Economics

GEOG 1100

Introduction to Human Geography

GEOG 1130

Human Impact on the Environment

GEOG 1160

The Geography of British Columbia

GEOG 1180

The Geography of Canada

GEOG 1190

Selected Regions

GEOG 2213

Social Geography

GEOG 2270

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

HIST 1104

World History Since 1945

IDST 1102

Perspectives on the Environment Creating a Sustainable Society

PHIL 1123

Environmental Ethics

POLI 1103

Introduction to World Politics

POLI 2203

Current International Issues

POLI 2204

The United Nations

SOCI 2270

Society and Environment


Science courses with an environmental theme/focus


BIOL 1110

Principles of Biology: The Biosphere

BIOL 2300

Marine Biology

BIOL 2301

Environmental Genetics

BIOL 2302

Urban Landscape and Biodiversity

BIOL 3305


BIOL 3500

Plant Biology

BIOL 3700


CHEM 2303

Environmental Chemistry

GEOG 1110

Weather and Climate

GEOG 1120

Introduction to Earth Sciences

GEOG 2210


GEOG 2220


GEOG 2230


GEOG 3311


GEOL 1120

Introduction to Earth Sciences

GEOL 1121

History of the Earth

GEOL 1150

Introduction to Engineering Geology

GEOL 1200

Natural Disasters

GEOL 2201

Marine Geology

SCIE 1100

Environmental Issues

SCIE 1107

Introduction to Environmental Science

SCIE 2207

Field Methods for Environmental Science

SCIE 2307

Field Research Project

Plus any two other second-year courses for which students have prerequisites.


Co-operative Education Option

Students enrolled in this program may be eligible for a Co-operative Education designation. Co-operative Education involves alternating full-time academic and work terms. For information see Co-operative Education or contact the Co-operative Education Office at 604 527 5100.