Management (Minor)


Pair your bachelor’s degree with the Minor in Management and gain the management knowledge and skills needed to be a leader in your future workplace. This minor covers essential courses from our management degree, helping you can gain critical, hireable skills in business management, human resource management, ethical decision-making, conflict management and more. As part of the minor, you'll choose two third- or fourth-year business management courses that will further develop the management skills you want to excel in. 

To take the Management Minor, you must be enrolled in a bachelor’s program at Douglas College that is not the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. 

Admissions Requirements

There are no separate admission requirements for a minor, but students must be enrolled in a degree program, at Douglas College, in order to complete a minor.


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Program Requirements

Curriculum Framework

Minor in Management:

  • This minor is available for all degree students, at Douglas College, except those receiving a BBA in Management.
  • Successful completion of at least 24 credits from the Course Requirements list
  • 15 credits upper level (3000 - 4000) coursework required
  • Courses taken as a part of another credential can still be used to meet the requirements for this minor. For example, students taking the BBA Accounting are required to take BUSN 1210 for their major, but this course would also satisfy the BUSN 1210 requirement for this minor and contribute three credits towards this minor’s 24 required credits.

Course Requirements:

Course Number 

Course Name


Required courses:

BUSN 1210

Management Essentials


BUSN 3310

Organizational Management Skills


BUSN 3350

Human Resource Management


BUSN 3312

Innovation and Change Management


CMNS 2316 (see note 1)

Understanding and Managing Interpersonal Conflict


BUSN 3314 (see note 2)

Ethical Decision-Making and Management


Upper Level BUSN Electives (see note 3)

Select 2 upper level (3000-4000) BUSN credits


Total Credits





1. CMNS 2317, CMNS 3316 or an approved BUSN course (focused on organizational communication management, conflict management and/or negotiation) can be taken instead. However, students would need to ensure they meet all pre-requisite requirements for entry into these courses.

2. BUSN 4490 or other approved Business Ethics course can be taken instead of BUSN 3314.

3. Students from non-Commerce and Business Administration programs will likely not possess the required pre-requisite courses for some upper level BUSN courses. Courses, such as BUSN 3800, BUSN 3253, BUSN 3380, BUSN 3600, BUSN 4410 and BUSN 4460, have fewer pre-requisite requirements, and thus, should be considered by these students. Students who have taken more finance or accounting courses might prefer taking courses, such as BUSN 4275, assuming they meet the pre-requisite requirements.

Program Guidelines

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