Performing and Fine Arts (Certificate)

Curriculum Guideline

Effective Date:
Program Code
Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Performing & Fine Arts
Credential Type
Transcript Title
Perform and Fine Arts Cert
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Not Specified
Certificate in Performing and Fine Arts
Length of Program
Two semesters
Admissions Requirements

General College Admission Requirements

Curriculum Framework

Residency Requirement: 50% of courses (15 credits) must be taken at Douglas College

Course Requirements

Students must complete all courses in List A - Core Courses
 List A
 Course Number  Course Title  Credits  Required Credits
 PEFA 1101  Arts and Culture in Canada  3.00  
 PEFA 1102  Arts of the Modern World  3.00  
 ENGL 11XX  Any university-transferable* ENGL course  3.00  
       List A: 9.00
Students will complete a minimum of twelve (12) credits from List B – PEFA Options
 List B
 Course Number  Course Title  Credits Required Credits
 PEFA 1116  Introduction to Film Studies  3.00  
 PEFA 1120  Introduction to Acting  3.00  
 PEFA 1136  Introduction to Music  3.00  
 PEFA 1139  Career Development for Musicians I  1.50  
 PEFA 1216  Canadian Film Studies  3.00  
 PEFA 1239  Career Development for Musicians II  1.50  
 PEFA 22201  Acting for the Stage II2
 PEFA 30201  Directing2
 PEFA 31361  History of Popular Music2
 PEFA 32361  World Music2
       List B: 12.00
Students will complete a minimum of nine (9) credits from list C – PEFA, CMNS, CRWR, ENGL, MUSC, SET, THEA Options
 List C   
 PEFA XXXX Any additional PEFA course(s), not previously counted toward List A or List B credits 1.50-3.00  
 CMNS 1276  Professional Communication for Arts Entrepreneurs3
 CRWR 1101  Introduction to Writing Poetry  3.00  
 CRWR 1102  Introduction to Playwriting  3.00  
 CRWR 1234  Writing Song Lyrics  3.00  
 CRWR 2200  Writing for Film2
 ENGL 1102  Reading Literature and Culture  3.00  
 ENGL 1106  Reading Fiction  3.00  
 ENGL 1109  Studies in Fiction, Poetry and Drama  3.00  
 ENGL 1114  Reading Poetry  3.00  
 ENGL 1115  Reading Plays  3.00  
 ENGL 1118  Studies in the Literature of Life Writing  3.00  
 MUSC 1101  Materials of Music I  3.00  
 MUSC 1102  Basic Theory I  3.00  
 MUSC 1103  Basic Aural and Sight Singing Skills I  3.00  
 MUSC 1104  Aural and Sight Singing Skills I  3.00  
 MUSC 1121  Listening in Context I  3.00  
 MUSC 1130  Concert Band I  2.00  
 MUSC 1135  Beginning Instrumental Ensemble I  1.50  
 MUSC 1137  Jazz Ensemble I  1.50  
 MUSC 1140  Chorus I  2.00  
 MUSC 1145  Beginning Choral Ensemble I  1.50  
 MUSC 1152  Studio Instruction – General (1hr) I  3.00  
 MUSC 1153  Studio Instruction – General (1/2 hr) I  2.00  
 MUSC 1182  Introduction to Music Technology  3.00  
 MUSC 1184  Percussion Ensemble I  1.50  
 MUSC 1185   Guitar Ensemble I  1.50  
 MUSC 12XX  Any continuation of one of the above-listed 11XX MUSC courses2  1.50 - 3.00  
 STGE 1100  Drafting for Stage 2.00  
 STGE 1106  Set Construction 2.00  
 STGE 1112  Stage Lighting 2.00  
 STGE 1180  Production Techniques3
 STGE 1202  Set Painting 2.00  
 STGE 1207  Properties 2.00  
 STGE 1220  Stage Management 1.00  
 STGE 1222  Introduction to Costume 1.00  
 STGE 1280  Production Techniques3
 THEA 1130  History of Theatre I 3.00  
 THEA 1230  History of Theatre II 3.00  
      List C: 9.00

Students pursuing an Associate of Arts with a specialization in PEFA must complete 9 credits PEFA at the 2000-3000 level. 

Prerequisite or instructor's permission required.

3 Instructor's permission required.

* A university-transferable course is a course that transfers to one  of the 5 Research Universities (SFU, UBC, UBCO, UNBC or UVIC) according to the BC Transfer Guide (


Learning Outcomes

The Certificate in Performing and Fine Arts is an introductory experience in the arts for students coming directly out of secondary school, and a lively course of studies for mature students returning for new career direction and enrichment. The PEFA Certificate is designed to build culturally literate citizens who are active supporters of the arts.