Studio Instruction - General (1/2-hr) I

Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Course Code
MUSC 1153
Semester Length
15 weeks
Max Class Size
Method Of Instruction
Typically Offered
To be determined


Course Description
For students studying an instrument or voice: Private and group instruction on the interpretation and performance of repertoire and technique.
For students studying composition: The development of the student’s compositional voice will be guided on an individual basis.
Course Content

For students studying an instrument or voice:

  1. Technique: Students will work on technique appropriate to their instrument and to their level and ability, through the assignment of studies, etudes and/or exercises by the instructor.
  2. Repertoire: Will be assigned by the instructor at a level appropriate to the student's level and ability.
  3. Sight Reading exercises: May be assigned by the instructor at a level appropriate to the student's level and ability.  
  4. Other Materials: May be introduced at the discretion of the instructor.
  5. Performance: Performance is not mandatory, though students will have the opportunity to perform in student recitals and studio pod classes.

For students studying composition:

  1. Techniques for the development of compositional skills and artistic judgment through the writing of assigned sketches and shorter pieces in a variety of selected styles and instrumental/vocal genres.
  2. The completion, preparation and performance of one composition of approximately 2-4 minutes in duration.
  3. Presentation in at least one composition studio pod class.
Methods Of Instruction

The student will receive one-half hour of private instruction per week for 11 weeks and 6 hours per semester of studio pod (group) instruction.


Means of Assessment

Grades will be allotted by the instructor on the basis of weekly progress in the various aspects of the course, and on performance level exhibited over the course of the semester.  The instructor and student will discuss the student’s progress and performance level at regular intervals (minimum three times) during the semester, so that the student is aware of his/her current standing and what is expected.  No single evaluation will be worth more than 40% of the final grade (please see Douglas College’s evaluation policy). The following is a sample grade breakdown:


25%     Technical progress

25%     Musicianship progress

30%     Technical and musical performance level

20%     Attitude and effort

100%   Total


Up to 10% of the total mark will be deducted for unfulfilled participation. The following explains the grading calculation:

    • 1% is deducted for each absence from the Arts at One concert series.
    • 1% is deducted for each hour of absence from studio pod classes.
    • 1% is added for each performance and/or accompaniment. This addition will only offset marks that have been deducted. 
    Learning Outcomes

    The successful performance student will be able to interpret and perform repertoire of an appropriate level, and demonstrate technical requirements as outlined in the Course Content.

    The successful composition student will be able to demonstrate compositional skills as outlined in the Course Content.

    Textbook Materials

    The instructor will recommend suitable materials.



    Acceptance into one of the following programs: Music Diploma, Music Technology, or Foundation for Music Therapy Studies.


    Full-time status in one of the following programs: Music Diploma, Music Technology, or Foundation for Music Therapy Studies, and at least 1 credit from: MUSC 1140, 1240, 2340, 2440, 3140, 3240, 4140, 4240, 1130, 1230, 2330, 2430, 3130, 3230, 4130, 4230, 1144, 1244, 2344, 2444, 3144, 3244, 4144, 4244, 1135, 1235, 1145, 1245 , 1137, 1237, 2337, 2437, 3137, 3237, 4137, 4237, 1177, 1277, 2177, 2277, 1184, 1284, 2384, 2484, 1185, 1285, 2385, 2485, 1113 or 1213.



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    University of Victoria (UVIC) UVIC MUS 1XX (1)
    Vancouver Community College (VCC) VCC MUSC 1399 (1)

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    Summer 2022

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