Financial Services (Minor)


The Financial Services Minor is perfect for those who want an understanding of how Finance impacts their career as well as the world. You’ll get to pick from a variety of finance courses  including International Financial Management, Investment Management Techniques, Financial  Services  Marketing, Security Analysis and more. You’ll also have the option to take the Financial Planning Capstone course, where you’ll prepare an industry level financial plan for an actual client. 

To take the Minor in Finance, you must be enrolled in a bachelor’s program at Douglas College that is not the Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Services. 


Admissions Requirements

There are no separate admission requirements for a minor, but students must be enrolled in a degree program in order to complete a minor.


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Program Requirements

Curriculum Framework

Minor in Financial Services:

  • This minor is available for all degree students at Douglas College, except those receiving a BBA Financial Services
  • Successful completion of at least 24 credits as outlined below
  • 15 credits upper level (3000-4000) coursework required

Program Requirements:

Course Number

 Course Title


Required Courses

FINC 1231

Business Mathematics (see note (1) below)


FINC 2300*

Personal Finance I (CFP)


FINC 3390*

 Security Analysis (CFP)


Select one course from the following two options: (see note (2) below)

FINC 2340*

Corporate Finance


FINC 2345*

Introduction to Corporate Finance


Select four courses from the following options

FINC 3300*

Personal Finance II (CFP)


FINC 3305

International Financial Management


FINC 4340

Investment Management Techniques 3.00
FINC 4360 Portfolio Management Techniques 3.00
FINC 4370 Financial Planning Capstone (CFP) 3.00

FINC 4380

Derivatives - Theory & Applications


ACCT 3370

Income Tax I (see note (3) below) (CFP)


MARK 3500

Financial Services Marketing


BLAW 3730

Corporate and Financial Planning Law (see note (3) below)


Upper level FINC Elective

One 3000-4000 level course from FINC


Total Credits




  1. Math 1125 or approved MATH substitute may be substituted to fulfill this requirement
  2. ECON 2298 may substitute for FINC 2340 or FINC 2345 if already taken.
  3. ACCT 3370 and BLAW 3720 have pre-requisite courses students would be responsible for. 

 * These courses require a grade of C as are pre-requisites for further courses.

The courses listed below satisfy the FP Canada™ Core and Advanced Curriculum requirements leading to QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (QAFP™) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®) certification.

Program Guidelines

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