Curriculum Guideline

Nursing (Bachelor of Science)

Effective Date:
Program Code
Health Sciences
Credential Type
Bachelor's Degree
Transcript Title
Nursing - Bachelor of Science
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Not Specified
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Length of Program
Eight semesters
Admissions Requirements

I. Academic Admission Requirements

Priority admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program will be given to students who complete the Certificate in Academic Foundations for Potential Nursing Applicants (AFNURS) and meet all the BSN admission requirements. Students who are offered a seat in the AFNURS program are not guaranteed admission to the BSN program. Students who meet the minimum academic admission requirements for BSN are also not guaranteed admission to the BSN program.

To be eligible for admission to the BSN program, students must meet the following requirements:

Note: A maximum of 2 attempts*** includes the following possible combinations:

  • All attempts in these required courses, including those taken at other post-secondary institutions, will be included in calculating the applicant's GPA, and reviewed to ensure course repeats do not exceed the limitations****.
  • No previous withdrawal from any nursing program(s) in Canada****.

*A university transfer (UT) course is a course that transfers to one of the 5 Research Universities - SFU, UBCO, UBCV, UNBC or UVIC according to the BC Transfer Guide.

**BIOL 1109 can be used as a substitution for BIOL 1103 and BIOL 1209 can be used as a substitution for BIOL 1203.

***The maximum number of attempts in a required course is limited to 2 (1 original attempt + 1 repeat attempt). A withdrawal (W notation) is considered an attempt. See Course and Status Changes Policy.

****Official transcripts from all previous post-secondary institutions attended must be submitted directly to Douglas College. Failure to do so may result in the application being denied, and/or the student being withdrawn from the program and/or College in accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy.

Note: Students who have shown the greatest success in the BSN program have typically completed the required AFNURS courses within 1 to 2 years.

II. Non-Academic Admission Requirements

Following an offer of admission to the BSN program: 

  • Mandatory Program Orientation - Applicants will be notified in their Welcome Letter of the program orientation date.
  • Potential Interview - Applicants may be required to participate in an interview with a representative(s) of the BSN program for the purposes of providing additional information and/or for academic counselling.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Certificate - Current within 1 year of the start date of the program. Standard First Aid Certificates that include Basic Life Support within 1 year of the date of application are also accepted.
  • Standard First Aid Certificate - Current within 3 years of the start date of the program.
  • Health Assessment - A satisfactory health assessment completed by a physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Immunization Record - A current record of recommended immunizations consistent with the requirements of practice agencies; details will be provided at the time the applicant is offered admission to the program.
  • Criminal Record Check - Details will be provided at the time the applicant is offered admission to the program.
  • Respiratory Mask Fit-test (N95) - All semester one students are required to be fit-tested for a respiratory mask. There is an additional cost to the applicant for fit-testing.

Curriculum Framework

Graduation Requirements:

  • Successful completion of 124 credits.
  • Completion of the program within seven (7) years once admitted to the BSN program.
  • Minimum 45 upper level (3000 - 4000) level credits.
  • A minimum grade of C+ in all graded NURS courses.
  • Mastery of all Nursing Practice courses and NURS 4611.

Program Requirements:

  • The maximum number of attempts in a required NURS course is limited to 2 (1 original attempt + 1 repeat attempt). A withdrawal (W notation) is considered an attempt.
    • Students may appeal for special consideration to the BSN Progression Committee.
  • Students who need to repeat a course must meet with the BSN Program Director or appropriate program Coordinator no later than 4 weeks after course failure/withdrawal to discuss eligibility and options for re-entry.
  • Students who fail or withdraw from a course must exit the program.

Year 2 to Year 4 Course Requirements:

NURS 2111

Nursing Art and Science: Professional Foundations


NURS 2112

Health Assessment: Adults and Older Adults


NURS 2113

Nursing Practice: Beginning Client Care


NURS 2114

Pharmacology: Introduction for Nurses


NURS 2116

Relational Practice: Introduction


NURS 2211

Nursing Art & Science: Acute Health Challenges


NURS 2212 

Health Assessment: Acute Health Challenges


NURS 2213

Nursing Practice: Acute Health Challenges


NURS 2215

Leadership: Interprofessional Collaboration


NURS 2217

Nursing Inquiry: Evidence-Informed Practice


NURS 3311

Nursing Art & Science: Family-Centered Care


NURS 3312

Health Assessment: Maternal and Child Care 


NURS 3313

Nursing Practice: Family-Centered Care


NURS 3315

Leadership: Partners in Health Promotion 


NURS 3316

Relational Practice: Engaging with Families 


NURS 3411 

Nursing Art & Sciences: Vulnerable Populations 


NURS 3412 

Health Assessment: Community Health and Mental Health 


NURS 3413 

Nursing Practice: Community Health and Mental Health 


NURS 3415 

Leadership: Applied Nursing Ethics, Leadership and Moral Courage 


NURS 3417 

Nursing Inquiry: Research in Nursing 


NURS 4511

Nursing Art & Science: Acuity and Complexity


NURS 4512

Health Assessment: Complex Health Challenges


NURS 4513

Nursing Practice: Complex Health Challenges


NURS 4515

Leadership: Influencing Health Care Reform


NURS 4518

Nursing Elective: Issues in Nursing Practice Focus


NURS 4611 

Nursing Art & Science: Professional Transition


NURS 4613

Nursing Practice: Professional Transition