Curriculum Guideline

Dispensing Opticianry

Effective Date:
Program Code
Science & Technology
Dispensing Opticianry
Credential Type
Transcript Title
Dispensing Optician Diploma
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Diploma in Dispensing Opticianry
Length of Program
Two years
Admissions Requirements
  1. High School Graduation or equivalent *
  2. Any Math 11 with a grade of "C-" or better (or equivalent)
  3. Signed documentation of an Optical tour. Optical tours and forms are available at regularly scheduled Coquitlam Campus Information Sessions.
  4. English 12 with a "B" in the last four years or an equivalent. A Computer-based English assessment is available at Douglas College.
  5. Applicants may be required to attend a personal interview that will be used for the purposes of providing information and academic counselling. Direct entry into second year of the program is available for those individuals already employed within the optical field as an Optician - Eyeglass Dispenser and desiring educational qualifications in the fitting of contact lenses.
  6. Criminal Record Check - This program requires students to train in an environment that demands individuals to provide proof of a satisfactorily completed, current CRS for the protection of the clients. To meet this requirement, prospective students must submit to a current CRC as a condition of entry to the program.. All costs related to the completion of this search are the responsibility of the individual student.

* Successful completion of two three-credit university transfer courses may be substituted for high school graduation

Curriculum Framework

Year 1 - Semester I

DOPT 1100Dispensing Optician Theory I5
DOPT 1112Dispensing Optician Lab Skills I6
CMNS 1111Workplace Communications3

Year 1 - Semester II

DOPT 1200Dispensing Optician Theory II5
DOPT 1210Dispensing Optician Clinical Practice II4
DOPT 1212Dispensing Optician Lab Skills II6

Year 1 - Semester III

DOPT 1310Dispensing Optician Eyeglass Preceptorship5

Year 2 - Semester IV

DOPT 2101Theory in Contact Lenses & Optical Technologies I4
DOPT 2113Laboratory in Contact Lenses & Optical Technologies I6

Year 2 - Semester V

DOPT 2201Theory in Contact Lenses & Optical Technologies II4
DOPT 2211Clinical in Contact Lenses & Optical Technologies II5
DOPT 2213Laboratory in Contact Lenses & Optical Technologies II6

Year 2 - Semester VI

DOPT 2311Clinical in Contact Lenses & Optical Technologies III4