Dispensing Optician Lab Skills II

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Dispensing Opticianry
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DOPT 1212
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Course Description
This course provides students the laboratory skills to layout, block and edge multifocal and progressive lenses. It provides the skills to identify and tint plastic lenses, adjust frames to suit patient’s needs, and perform minor repairs to frames. Students will be introduced to low vision devices and study the social, physical and emotional implications of low vision on clients.
Course Content

1.    Introduction

  • course content and requirements
  • industry standard charts for multifocals
  • review safety procedures in the laboratory

2.    General overview of surfacing process

3.    Spotting of lenses

  • power verification of multifocal lenses and progressives
  • identifying and marking progressive lens layout engravings

4.    Centration of multifocal and progressive lenses

  • calculating optical centres and reference points with reading adds
  • calculating segment placement
  • calculating centration of progressive lenses

5.    Blocking multifocal and progressive lenses

  • vertical and horizontal centration

6.    Frame fitting

  • measurements for fitting multifocals and progressives
  • frame selection
  • frame alignment & adjustment
  • lens insertion

7.    Lens tinting

  • lens materials acceptable to heat tinting
  • overview of equipment and process
  • mixing and changing dye solutions
  • heating fluid temperature and relation to colour activity
  • colour matching plastic material differences  

8.    Basic frame repairs

9.    Digital lenses

  • design concept and fitting requirements

10.  Low vision

  • introduction to a variety of low vision devices
  • functional implications
  • case history assessment
  • continued care plan
Methods Of Instruction

1.    Laboratory lecture

2.    Application exercises in lab

3.    Independent study of courseware

4.    Completion of proficiency tests

5.    Completion of laboratory assignments

Means of Assessment

The course evaluation is consistent with Douglas College evaluation policy.  An evaluation schedule is presented at the beginning of the course.

Evaluation will be based on the following:

Attendance, professionalism and preparedness 0-5%

Written tests 10-20%

Assignments 10-30% 

Midterm exam 20-30%

Final exam 20-40%

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

1.    Identify the advantages of lens surfacing

2.    Verify the powers of multifocal and progressive lenses

3.    Calculate vertical and horizontal centration of multifocal and progressive lenses

4.    Block and edge multifocal and progressive lenses

5.    Choose and fit frames appropriately for multifocal wear

6.    Identify and tint various plastic lens materials

7.    Adjust frame designs for patient needs

8.    Perform basic frame repairs

9.    Apply fashion and sales knowledge to eye glass dispensing

10.  Identify symptoms specific to low vision clients

11.  Understand and address the social, emotional and physical impact of low vision to a client

12.  Identify appropriate low vision devices and implement a client centred continuing care plan

Textbook Materials

Consult the Douglas College Bookstore for required materials.


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